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Undead Labs' State of Decay 2 has been in development for a while now. We haven't heard much about the game and features have been kept under wraps. However, the team recently revealed a truly creepy new image of the zombie survival title to give Xbox One and PC fans something to ponder over.

The image was posted up over on the official Twitter account for State of Decay. It links to a blog post over on the official website where they discuss the image, entitled "Quiet moments of beauty...".

It's truly creepy piece when taken into context as a thing of "beauty". We see a lone zombie, decaying and decrepit, hung up on a wooden fence in a rural farm area. Small shrubs grow wildly along the edge of the field, some of which creep and climb over the fence like little kids on a playground.

Further in the background, we see a violet-tinted sky with a splash of sunset hues as a forest is only barely visible in the far off horizon. Only two trees are readily apparently in the nearer background. It's a tranquil concept scene from the upcoming State of Decay sequel, save for the fact that the zombie strung up on the fence has his abdomen split open and his intestines are spilling out onto the ground.

It's hard to tell if he was once alive and got attacked by roamers and only barely made it to the fence before dying, or if he was a zombie who got picked off by some hunters passing by.

Either way, the short post on the official site mentions that the game's art director mentioned that the piece resonates with some of the more calm and peaceful moments from State of Decay in between the zombie-bashing, resource management, and exploration.

A previous piece of concept art showed the difference in tone the team at Undead Labs is going for when it comes to the day and night cycles in State of Decay 2. The original game had a standard day and night cycle, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. You still needed some form of a light source to see certain things, especially if you went indoors at night and had no light whatsoever.

Vehicles definitely came in handy because you could use the lights to help navigate certain areas at night.

The original State of Decay allowed players to take control of a number of different characters, interacting with NPCs, managing survival outposts and essentially trying to survive by scouring the area for resources, food, supplies, and weapons.

The game combined the travel and survival aspects of DayZ with the zombie hordes of Dead Rising. We haven't seen much of State of Decay 2, but if they can manage to evolve and improve the core concepts, adding more roving hordes and spruce up the combat animations, they'll have a real winner on their hands.

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