We Had No Idea So Many Things Were Broken In Rainbow Six: Siege

Soldiers ready to fire weapons in Rainbow Six: Siege
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Ubisoft may have hit a home run out of the park with Rainbow Six: Siege, but that doesn't mean the game is without its issues. In fact, with the latest patch due to drop tomorrow, it reveals tons of under the hood fixes for some major glitches, and we had no idea so many things were broken in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Gamespot did a complete rundown of all the major fixes that Ubisoft implemented for Rainbow Six: Siege, as well as all the glitches they fixed and all the bugs they squashed. The list is extremely extensive, and stretches on for pages. One would have assumed this was a beta build going gold given all the fixes they made. Some of the high impact fixes include a bug where players would spawn as the immobile drone and it would carry over into the action phase. Yes, players somehow would spawn as drones.

Another bug saw players spawning in with a distant action camera as their viewpoint. That's not too bad, though. What is bad is that some team kills were being registered when a player would accidentally blow themselves up on charges or claymores in Rainbow Six: Siege. There's nothing more annoying than getting aced by a claymore and then it subtracts from your profile score because it registers that you killed some of your teammates. That's the sort of thing that likely spawns some moments of confusion and then is quickly followed up with unbridled rage.

Some other high impact fixes includes addressing a glitch where the skins for the Operators in the character model preview appeared to be in a lower resolution than what they were supposed to be. Sounds like a memory streaming issue.

Another high impact bug was the Diamond weapon skin not showing up in the shop at all. Anything affecting people's experience in the cash shop is definitely something that was probably top priority for Ubisoft above everything else.

Not all of the fixes were related to miscellaneous glitches and bugs. Some of what Ubisoft had to fix was related to the actual gameplay in Rainbow Six: Siege, such as the client crashing when attempting to switch profiles after signing out, or the "heavy breathing" from DBNO Operators lingering following being revived.

Some other serious issues that they addressed also included players teleporting after joining a game in progress, or the team kills not being properly recorded if someone leaves a match and then rejoins.

There were a few other really serious issues Ubisoft addressed as well, such as a glitch where you could no longer melee and crouch at the same time; or being able to spot enemies while drones were jammed.

It's kind of weird that some of these are just being addressed now given that the scoring glitch seems like something that would have been a top priority fix shortly after Rainbow Six: Siege launched back in 2015.

Some of the more minor fixes include LOD adjustments for a large majority of the Operators, the main menu disappearing, the Operator's arms sometimes being misplaced while in the first-person view, and tons of other minor texture and gameplay mechanic fixes for each of the operators and some of the maps.

The Rainbow Six: Siege patch 2.1.1 will be available tomorrow, on February 21st, for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.