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The universe is ever expanding, especially if you're referring to the universe of Mass Effect and/or Cards Against Humanity. Yep, the best game for terrible people is gearing up to launch its latest expansion, a small card pack designed in collaboration with BioWare and focused on their intergalactic thrill ride, Mass Effect.

In case you thought a pack of Mass Effect cards would bring deeper thinking or more highbrow humor to Cards Against Humanity, then the above tweet likely cleared things up with a quickness. According to that recent post on the Cards Against Humanity Twitter page, BioWare's space opera is officially joining the game and, yep, things appear to be pitch-perfect for what we've come to expect.

Perhaps the best news, though, is that even though this is an official collaboration between the two entities, the rad-as-hell Mass Effect property isn't putting a premium price tag on the expansion. You can actually order it right now by heading to the expansion's website, which just so happens to have the best URL in the history of the internet. You'll be buying a 14-card pack of cards that drops into your Cards Against Humanity collection, all for a single buck.

The website jokes that the CAH team hoped that, by setting up this partnership, BioWare might let them play Andromeda nice and early. That was apparently not the case, but they decided to honor the agreement and release the card pack anyway.

The best joke, though, comes at the end of the advertisement where the team promises that missing cards from the Mass Effect pack will be sold later as DLC. Again, BioWare collaborated on all of this, so we're pretty happy to see that they've got a sense of humor about their games. If not, we're sure they can mop up any tears with the piles upon piles of cash they're about to rake in courtesy of Andromeda launching.

For those unfamiliar with Cards Against Humanity, it's an extremely simple but surprisingly addictive card game wherein one player poses a question or phrase for other players to complete, and the other players do so by submitting cards of their own. In the tweeted example, the black card is the prompt while the white card is one of the possible answers a player may have submitted. This is just a guess but, with 14 cards in the pack, we're thinking half will be prompts and the other half will be responses. Sadly, there were no other examples on offer, so we're just going to leave it to our readers to submit their own card ideas in the comments below. Be it a prompt or an answer, the only rule is that it has to be related to Mass Effect. Ready, set, go!

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