The Division Gets New DLC And A Free Update Tomorrow, Get The Details

The Division Update 1.6
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

It seems crazy but The Division from Ubisoft is nearly a year old and the company is still supporting the MMO-style third-person shooter. The latest update for the game will include both free and paid DLC and it's actually coming tomorrow. You can check out some of the details to get a lowdown on the newest update for the game.

So essentially the free update 1.6 and a new free trial will all be part of the release of the new DLC expansion called Last Stand. The new DLC will mark the third expansion released for The Division since its release last year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Last Stand will be available as standalone DLC or to anybody with the current season pass.

The Last Stand game mode is named after the expansion and features an all new way to play the game with friends and enemies alike. The mode is a session-based challenge where players will have to clear specific objectives while trekking through the Dark Zone, the open-warfare PvP zone in The Division. Players will be on teams of eight as they battle through another team of eight other rogue agents as both teams attempt to capture tactical terminals scattered throughout the map.

There's also a new dungeon run in the form of an incursion called Stolen Signal. They don't say exactly what the incursion is like or what it will entail, but if any of the past incursions are anything to go by, they will likely prove to be very difficult for players and will require plenty of teamwork and planning.

They also announced that three new maps will also be included in update 1.6 for the Last Stand, expanding The Division's total play area by a significant margin. They've also included a new Dark Zone leaderboard so now players can see exactly how well they've been doing in the game and where they rank against other players in the PvP charts. I wonder how much this will be affected by cheaters? Especially given how much cheaters have affected the game's multiplayer component in the past.

As for the free content in the game... it's actually a free trial of The Division that will be available alongside update 1.6 that will enable PS4, PC and Xbox One users to download a trial of the game and all its main content. The trial will allow players to play up until they reach level 8 or until they complete six hours worth of the game. Whatever you manage to acquire until you reach level 8 will also be saved to your profile, so if you choose to unlock the game and purchase the full thing you'll be able to do so and carry over your trial data.

Companies have used these kinds of promos in the past in order to bolster the player base and increase engagement, as well as pad some of the servers for the new content that's releasing in order to lure back in old players. Blizzard has done similar things with World of Warcraft, and it has resulted in some slight boosts for their player stats as well.

The new Last Stand content for The Division will launch on February 28th tomorrow, which will be a busy day for some gamers because that's also when Horizon: Zero Dawn launches. Ubisoft is likely hoping to capture some attention with the free trial that will be available with update 1.6. You can learn more about the new DLC by checking out the official website (opens in new tab).

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