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The Overwatch roster is about to receive a dose of four-legged fury as Orisa prepares to join the fray. The developers have released all kinds of details about the latest hero at this point, including a date for when she will finally be playable by all.

According to a recent tweet from the official Overwatch account, Oris will be playable on the popular shooter come March 21. Previously she had only been available to those playing on the Overwatch test server on PC. They even pulled back the curtain on a behind-the-scenes video that offers up three minutes of info surrounding the latest hero's creation.

We love seeing characters like Orisa join the Overwatch lineup because she's just so dang unique. A robotic centaur of sorts, her role as a tank is evident on visuals alone. Thankfully, she also comes packed with a bunch of cool survival and crowd control abilities perfect for holding the enemy at bay.

Starting next Tuesday, March 21, Overwatch players will be able to take Orisa's abilities for a spin. If you've been looking for a new hero to run on the frontlines, you may have just found her.

Orisa's basic attack is called the Fusion Driver, which is just a fun way of saying a hand-mounted gatling gun that rapid-fires green projectiles. It's a powerful weapon but, according to her details, she slows down significantly while shooting it.

Luckily, she's also got Fortify, perfect for keeping her moving forward when the going gets tough. This ability adds a cool metallic sheen to Orisa's armor and temporarily dampens the damage she's taking on. She also can't be affected by abilities that impair actions while Fortify is triggered, making her a literal tank.

One of Orisa's cooler abilities is called Halt, and it absolutely lives up to its name. We all know how frustrating it can be to have the enemy perfectly grouped up, sitting ducks for a big sweep, and then they realize the error of their ways and start to scatter. Orisa's Halt move is a "graviton charge" that literally grabs nearby enemies, pulls them in, then drops them to the ground. If you've got a teammate with a powerful finisher ready to trigger, this will be a good way to make a nice, big target for them.

A frontline player is only as good as the protection they can offer so, of course, Orisa offers a Protective Barrier. You know how shields work in Overwatch, and Orisa's is no different.

Orisa's big finisher is another team-friendly offering called Supercharger. In short, she slams down a device that boosts the damage of all nearby teammates. If a group of you are making a stand, you'll want a Supercharger helping tip the scales.

That all sounds great in black and white, but the real test will be seeing how Orisa controls in a live Overwatch match. Starting March 21, you can do exactly that.

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