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A Titan wields an ax in Destiny

With Destiny 2 on the horizon, folks have started wondering what that means for the future of the original Destiny. With a brand new game to maintain, does it make sense for Bungie to keep the servers up on their shooter that, come September, will be three years old?

According to the developer, it absolutely makes sense. While plenty of Guardians will make the jump to Destiny 2, we wouldn't be surprised if the OG Destiny maintains an active online community for some time to come. Bungie agrees, which is why they've got no plans to shutter the original game anytime soon.

Over on Gamesradar, they had a little chat with Bungie's Deej, who has stated they have no plans to bring Destiny to a grinding halt once Destiny 2 launches. As Deej himself puts it, the entire community is "celebrating the conclusion" of the original game at the moment, but he adds that the team plans to support the game for "the foreseeable future." While we don't expect that to translate into any further major updates, DLC or big events, there's still plenty of reasons to keep returning to Destiny, especially if you haven't maxed out all of your record books, collected all of the loot, topped off all of your classes, etc.

That actually makes a lot of sense, as we imagine there will be quite a few new players to the Destiny universe in the coming months. With hype building for Destiny 2, it stands to reason a lot of newcomers will decide, "Okay, let's finally see what this whole Destiny business is all about."

And if those folks want to be ready for the new game, they're going to have to put in a ridiculous number of hours to see everything Destiny has to offer. While the game was criticized by some for not having enough meat on its bones initially, the original Destiny has grown into something of a monster at this point; two years' worth of content updates tend to do that. At this point, the single player campaign is pretty huge, and many folks will want to run through that with each of their three classes. On top of that, you've got the huge sandbox maps to quest around in, a plethora of competitive and cooperative modes and so many small questlines and specific pieces of loot to track down that it's easy to get lost in the game for, well, years.

Anyway, it's nice to see that Bungie plans to keep the lights on for at least a while. A lot of folks have grown pretty attached to all of that original gear, so we wouldn't be surprised if they want to jump back in and tool around from time to time. Thankfully, that'll be an option.

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