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For those of you who haven't taken the plunge with Dishonored 2 just yet, Arkane Studios has decided to give everyone a nice sampling of the game's stabby goodness, with a free trial offered through the weekend.

As is becoming a more common practice these days, Arkane Studios has decided to let anyone and everyone try out their game free of charge. Rather than build a demo, it seems like more developers/publishers have become fond of the practice of simply letting folks download their entire game with some sort of time lock on the content. In other words, if you like what you see, it's probably more tempting to go ahead with a purchase since, you know, you've already got the thing downloaded.

Emily sits on the throne, Corvo at her side in Dishonored 2

This announcement went live today via press release, where it was announced that would-be assassins can take the game for a spin beginning April 6. The Dishonored 2 trial will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Rather than boast, say, a six-hour window before locking players out, the Dishonored 2 trial will instead let you play through the game's first three chapters before cutting you off. If you want to experience anything after that point, you're going to need to fork over some cash.

We're pretty jazzed about this kind of "trial" because, again, it makes it easier to take the plunge by simply clicking on a button and getting to keep right on trucking without losing your progress or needing to download anything extra. The press release goes on to explain that this will be the case with Dishonored 2, whether you buy the game following your trial or, say, several months from now.

The Dishonored 2 campaign picks up not too long after the first game left off. With the insane witch Delilah seizing the Empire's throne, it's up to Corvo Attano to return to his old habits in order to overthrow the false ruler. He won't be acting alone, however, as the rightful heir to the throne, Emily Kaldwin, will be fighting at his side. The game's plot wraps perfectly around whichever character you decide to play as, and, while Corvo boasts all of his fan-favorite moves, Emily plays in a completely different way, basically giving you two games rolled into one. Heck, you can even play through the game mixing and matching abilities after you complete your first run, perfect for those of you who like to tackle a game while being as OP as humanly possible.

We'd be interested in knowing if any of our readers plan on giving Dishonored 2 a try during this free trial. Also, have you ever taken part in one of these free trials for another game and, if so, did you eventually make the purchase? Give us all the details in the comments below.

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