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The release of BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda has provided gamers with endless amounts of entertainment, especially in the video content creation space. So quite naturally there's no surprise that Smosh Games decided to get in on the action with an Honest Game Trailer.

The trailer was posted up over on the official Smosh Games YouTube channel, featuring four minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda being ripped to shreds by the channel.

First up, they completely dog the entire thing by calling it the straight-to-DVD edition of the Mass Effect franchise. Ouch.

They rip on the game's Christ-like reverence for the Ryder twins even though they're just glorified space scouts (no really). And they also pick apart the fact that this newest entry takes players into a galaxy that almost seems identical to the one they just came from. It's true that despite ending up in an all new galaxy there aren't many new species there and the planets are very familiar in their designs.

They make fun of the fact that the side-quests in Mass Effect: Andromeda can get a bit overwhelming with their fetch-quest style design, and the fact that unlocking more areas on the planets you discover only unlocks more fetch quests from more NPCs you encounter. To be fair, many other RPGs have the same quest structure, but they usually do a better job of masking the progressive quest-loop paradigm.

The Honest Game Trailer then tackles the game's romance features, where they ragged on the Ryder twins for attempting to knock boots with what they called a bunch of a "cockroach monsters". I've gotta be honest, Mass Effect: Andromeda has a lot of freaky looking aliens, and it is weird how easy it is to romance things that may or may not be sexually compatible with human beings. Some gamers compared to it to the camp found in the old Star Trek television series.

By the halfway point they take shots at the game's glitchiness, pointing out how there are plenty of graphical glitches and a few game-breaking bugs. Thankfully BioWare has issued a fix for the more serious bugs in Mass Effect: Andromeda that were covered in the video above.

They're also addressing the dead-eye effect that the characters have in the most recent patch. So that should really help out with the dialogue and interaction sequences.

They then take shots at the game's combat, which they note is just above the standards of mediocrity from other established franchises (borrowing heavily from the likes of Gears of War following the release of Mass Effect 3), and then they round it all out by taking shots at the multiplayer, basically calling it a glorified horde mode with microtransactions. Double ouch.

If you need to check out an actual review of Mass Effect: Andromeda, you can view it right here at Cinemablend.

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