The latest Telltale game will be an episodic romp with the Guardians of the Galaxy and, just in time for its highly-anticipated launch, the developer has decided to put together a launch trailer that perfectly captures the spirit of this particular rag-tag group of heroes.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is set to launch across multiple platforms beginning tomorrow afternoon, April 18. But, just like with other Telltale series like The Walking Dead, Batman and A Game of Thrones, this adventure's yarn will be spun over the course of multiple chapters. In other words, you can either play it piece meal over the next couple of months or wait until the whole thing arrives and try to wolf it down in one go. Your call.

As for the trailer itself, it looks like the Guardians game will blend everything we love about the gameplay and storytelling of Telltale games with the offbeat humor and fun action sequences of the film series it's based on.

According to the trailer, the game will pick up with the NOVA Corps calling on the Guardians to stop Thanos. Before accepting the job, Starlord demands a clean record for he and his crew, meaning they're willing to take on a world-killing baddie in order to stop worrying about ending up on the wrong side of the law for past transgressions. All I'm saying is, I would have maybe demanded a little bit more than that. We mentioned the guy can destroy entire worlds, right?

What's interesting here is that Telltale once again took some liberties with the design of the game. It definitely appears to more closely mirror the movies, but some characters boast design elements pulled from the comic book series as well. We're a fan of that, as it helps get the point across that Telltale is kind of doing their own thing here.

But, again, this is a Telltale game, so, once again, your choices will determine how some of the plot points unfold. Since we doubt this story will just kill off characters willy-nilly, it might actually be more appealing than other Telltale games to jump back in and make some different calls just to see which new direction that pulls the story.

The first chapter of the Guardians game is called "Tangled up in Blue" and, again, you can get it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, GOG, mobile and more starting tomorrow. Surprisingly, the comments seem to be almost exclusively people talking about other Telltale games they'd "rather" be playing, but we figure that's also sort of a left-handed complement for all of the other Telltale series available at this point. You can't please everyone, huh?

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