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Sonic Mania is speeding toward a summer release and, to make sure fans old and new alike stay pumped for the game, Sega has released a new trailer showing off a familiar face and an equally familiar game level. But both Knuckles and the Flying Battery Zone have a few new tricks up their sleeve.

Sega this week released a new trailer for Sonic Mania, showing off a speedrun of Knuckles making his way through the Flying Battery Zone. You'll notice that Knuckles has the nifty ability to climb walls in this outing; and old-school Sonic fans will notice some brand new paths and enemies peppered throughout the level.

The main thing we took away from this trailer is that Sonic Mania certainly seems to be coming along nicely. The series has always been a bit hit and miss, with the entries that stray furthest from the classic formula seeming to garner the most disdain from longtime fans. That's why we're happy to report that Sonic Mania looks to be capturing the original feel of the series while simultaneously adding a few extra bells and whistles along the way.

In the above video, for instance, we see that the Sega squad have taken a beloved map and injected it with a few new twists and turns. Similarly, Knuckles himself can climb up walls, making his play style a little different from both Sonic and Tails. But even Sonic himself has a new ability called the Drop Dash, which we're sure will open up whole new play styles. Tails still flies but, so far, we haven't heard about any other new abilities for the little guy.

As noted on the Sega website, the purpose of Sonic Mania is to celebrate everything fans love about the game. There are classic levels mixed in with brand new offerings and, as noted before, even the familiar levels will have all sorts of new secrets to uncover.

The game is set to launch this summer for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC and, yes, it'll be coming in at 60 FPS. Sega is also promising pixel-perfect physics, so expect the look and feel of all of those classic Sonic offerings.

Of course, there's another Sonic game coming down the pipe and we're pretty excited for it, too. It's called Sonic Forces, and it appears to be its own type of homage to Sonic games of the past. There are classic-style 2D levels, though with a shiny new graphical coat, as well as levels that look like the next evolution of the Sonic Adventure series. All of that blended into a single game certainly sounds intriguing, so here's hoping Sega can pull it off.

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