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Heroes battle in LawBreakers

LawBreakers, the latest hero shooter from industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski, has been causing quite a bit of buzz through its early testing phases on PC. According to the team at Boss Key Productions, however, it looks like another group of gamers will soon be able to get in on the fun.

Bleszinski announced yesterday that LawBreakers is no longer going to be a PC exclusive title, with plans to launch the FPS on the PlayStation 4. They added a special note that the game will be "enhanced" for the PlayStation 4 Pro, too, for those of you who have Sony's high-end console.

The game is being published by Nexon and, according to President and CEO Owen Mahoney, this trek onto the PlayStation 4 will mark a special occasion.

We're thrilled to be partnering with Cliff and his team to bring such a unique and challenging combat experience to PS4. This marks a major milestone for Nexon as we launch onto a home videogame console for the first time in the company's history.

As the press release puts it, LawBreakers does a lot of things different from other arena shooters, but it clearly takes inspiration from popular genre titles like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch and Paladins. It's kind of hard to have a game featuring a bunch of characters running and gunning through creative arenas without drawing those kinds of comparisons.

Still, what sets LawBreakers apart from the competition is the focus on over-the-top antics or, as Boss Key puts it, the game encourages players to "get off the ground and deliver death from every angle" in a shooter that boasts "omni-directional gunplay."

On top of the fact that LawBreakers will be arriving on PlayStation 4, Boss Key also dropped some additional details about the game, including a pricing model. While many games in the genre go the free-to-play route, LawBreakers will come with a price tag, albeit at a really reasonable level. The full game will be $29.99 at launch, with the added bonus that there will be no "season pass-style program" for DLC in the future. All updates for the game will be free, though we wouldn't be surprised to see some cosmetics and the like make their way to an in-game marketplace. However, the press release specifically states there will be no "pay to win" options, so don't expect to see special gear or stat boosts available for purchase.

What's interesting about that price point is that it matches up nicely with other games in the arena shooter community. Sure, they're free-to-play, but that comes with limited access to in-game content and the need to play a heck of a lot if you want to unlock more stuff without spending money. Otherwise, pretty much all of them offer a bundle for between $20-$30 that unlocks everything, including all future content. We're not saying either model is bad, just pointing out that LawBreakers is simply bypassing that free-to-play option.

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