Vampyr E3 Trailer Promises A Bloody Good Time

Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment released the official E3 2017 trailer for the Victorian vampire game, Vampyr. The game's latest trailer is set to an alternative rock song, while it covers some of the various monstrosities roaming around the the London underground.

The trailer covers the various types of vampires featured in the world of Vampyr, along with some of the various heroes attempting to hunt them down and kill them. It's all set to the song "Devil" from artist Ida Marie's album Katla, which is on the iTunes store right now. We get to see how some of the special powers work, some of the more macabre psychological elements, as well as hints at what the main boss may be like in the full game.

The trailer is actually well put together for its showcase at E3 this year. Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod will be focusing on informing gamers about Vampyr and prepping the game for its full release.

Oddly they didn't offer any release dates for the game, but the trailer did showcase a lot of what the game is about. Sadly it's not a story trailer, so for gamers who are completely unfamiliar with the game the trailer definitely doesn't key you into the actual goings on, but the actual game puts players in the role of the vampire Doctor Jonathan E. Reid.

The game is quite unique insofar that Dr. Reid suffers from vampirism. Players will have some serious moral dilemmas to deal with throughout the game, especially in regards to how Dr. Reid stays alive (or undead). He will have to feed on NPCs, just as it's depicted in the trailer above.

The thing is, it's not so simple. The NPCs belong to families, have loved ones, are sometimes famous or well known in the neighborhood. Thus players will have to selectively pick and choose who they decide to bite or feed on, because choosing the wrong person could bring the vampire hunters down around Dr. Reid's ears.

This is where Dontnod's trademark storytelling and player-driven choices come into play with Vampyr, as there will be requirements to make hard decisions on keeping Dr. Reid alive while also juggling who to kill and when. It's definitely going to be a harder game when it comes to making tough choices compared to titles like Life Is Strange or Remember Me, the previous outings from the French studio Dontnod Entertainment.

The game is an odd mix of third-person exploration, NPC interaction, and hack-and-slash combat with a mix of magical supernatural abilities.

As outlined in the trailer above, players won't just have the option of biting the necks of unsuspecting Londoners, there will also be the option to teleport around to get into and out of tough situations, as well as use a variety of melee weapons to down opponents.

The combat seems a little bit similar to Bloodborne, insofar that you'll have to use strategy and tactics, especially when facing off against the hunters in Vampyr. You can expect to see the title on store shelves for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this upcoming November.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.