E3 2017: There's A Reason The Spider-Man Suit Looks Different In The New Game

Spider-Man showing off his Insomniac suit

For some folks, the new Spider-Man gameplay trailer stole the show during E3 2017. And while we got to see a lot of Spidey's trademark moves in action, you likely noticed that the suit he's wearing is a unique take on the traditional look. According to Creative Director Brian Intihar, that was intentional, as the team wanted to make it clear even from the web-slinger's look that this a unique take on the popular superhero.

Speaking behind closed doors during E3 2017, Intihar explained that the team at Insomniac is very excited to be working on a Spider-Man game and, more than anything, the opportunity to spin their own web in terms of the character's story. One way they're setting the tone is through the trademark suit.

The [Spider-Man] suit is different because it represents our philosophy with this game, in general. You look at it and it's got all of the elements that let you know it is Spider-Man, but we also did some things different and mixed it up a bit. There's a story reason why the suit looks the way it does, but that's a big spoiler and we're really excited to see players get to that moment in the game. But this is a new Spider-Man, our own take on the character and his world, so we wanted people to be able to look at him and quickly say, oh, that's the Insomniac Spider-Man.

The latest Spider-Man footage was first put on display during the PlayStation showcase during E3 2017. Sony actually chose to end their show with the footage, proving how big of a breakout hit they're expecting the game to be. According to Intihar, Insomniac's goal is simply to do the character justice and create a game that fans and newcomers alike will enjoy playing.

To that end, he pointed out that this won't be an origin story. In the Insomniac Spider-Man universe, Peter Parker is already 23-years-old and has been fighting crime for nearly a decade. Intihar compared Parker to an athlete in his prime, fully in control of his abilities and having created all sorts of cool gadgets perfect for taking down baddies.

All of that is on display in the new Spider-Man footage, a section of gameplay that sees Parker going toe-to-toe with a gang known as The Demons. While Intihar pointed out that Insomniac basically had the freedom to craft the Spidey story they wanted to tell, he said the team's focus was on an area of narrative they consider integral to the crime fighter's universe.

The most interesting stories are when Peter and Spider-Man's worlds collide, so we wanted to make that a big focus in the game. You may have noticed in in the footage that [Peter] knows the leader of The Demons. Aunt May actually works for the guy so, again, his role as Spider-Man and his life as Peter Parker are being forced together. So how will that guide his actions?

Those details will have to tide over gamers eager to get their hands on Spider-Man for a while, though. We're sure new info and trailers will swing onto the scene from time to time, but we'll be waiting until early 2018 to actually get our hands on the game, launching exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.