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The Xbox Game Pass program is up and running and, as promised, Microsoft is rolling out some fresh offerings on the regular. The batch for July includes seven games that will have you re-killing zombies, body-slamming your foes and even hitting the race track.

The official Xbox Youtube channel recently posted a brief video highlighting July's additions to Xbox Game Pass. As you'll see, this includes seven new games for the service. Here's the rundown.

Xbox Games Pass -- July 2017

Dead Island: Definitive Edition

Resident Evil 6

F1 2015

The Flame in the Flood

Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition

Bard's Gold

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

In case there's some confusion, this program should not be confused with Games with Gold, though it kind of works in a similar fashion. With Gold, you get a roster of four games each month that you can add to your digital collection at no additional charge outside of your Gold subscription. Gold offers fringe benefits, key among them being the ability to play your games online.

Game Pass is a slightly different beast. As best as we can figure, some games will rotate in and out of the service but, otherwise, it's a growing library of games that you can download and own as long as you're paying the monthly subscription. That'll set you back $10 a month and, at present, you'll gain access to a library of more than 100 games.

If you are just now picking up an Xbox One, or planning on joining the fold once the Xbox One X hits shelves, this seems like a no-brainer. You can spend your usual "games cash" on the latest hotness and, with something like Game Pass to supplement the collection, you can catch up on a bunch of games you may have missed out on.

And speaking of those games, July's roster is pretty nice. While a lot of folks weren't overly enthusiastic about Resident Evil 6, it's hard to say no to even a mediocre game when you can try it out at no additional charge on top of your Game Pass access. Also, if you don't like taking out zombies in that game, you can always jump ship to Dead Island.

There's a little something for everyone here, including a racing game, some action titles and even a stealthy change of pace from Monaco.

The real standout, though, is the wonderful Guacamelee. If you like your Metroidvania games with lots of bright colors, lively music, tight controls, fun abilities and a cast of insane characters, then you absolutely need to take this one for a spin. It's easily worth the $10 charge for July on its own, so you can just consider those other games icing on the cake.

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