Inside And Limbo Are Getting A Bundled Retail Release

Inside + Limbo Bundle
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Playdead and 505 Games have teamed up together for a re-release of Playdead's two classic titles that have come out within the last two generations, Inside and Limbo. Both the critically acclaimed titles will be available in a physical bundle release this fall.

In a press release, 505 Games and Playdead announced that the special edition bundle will contain Limbo and Inside along with a limited run poster and a special art card, all for $29.99. The new retail bundle pack will be available starting this fall for the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The press release doesn't detail if PC gamers will also be able to get their hands on the pack, but Limbo and Inside are both discounted right now by 58% off over on the Steam store as part of the Steam Summer Sale.

Both games are similar in thematic tone -- you're playing as little boys attempting to get to a specific destination, oftentimes trying to outrun or outmaneuver dangerous adversaries who are out to get you for some unknown and mysterious reason.

Limbo is a lot more fantastical in the sense that it feels like running through a dream laid out on a silhouette canvas. There are platforming segments, puzzles to solve, and copious amounts of violent outcomes for the poor protagonist. Limbo is a bit of a mind-trip, though, and its ambiguous goals and barely-there story have lent it to years of speculation, theorizing and intellectual debate about art, death, purgatory and dreams.

Inside was far less ethereal in terms of its presentation and atmosphere. It was grounded in a sci-fi thriller world that hinged on pure horror at times. The monsters in the game weren't some unfathomable Eldritch abomination or giant nightmares come to life, they were, for the most part, other humans.

Unlike Limbo, which started rather slow and built up its tension over time with increasingly challenging obstacles and encounters, Inside started with a bang. Players run and hide from hunter-gatherers right from the outset. The beginning parts of the story are extremely intense, and seem like something out of a J.J. Abrams film. The tension eventually peters out as players begin to understand more of the world and proceed deeper into the machinations of the island where some horrifying truths are unearthed.

Inside was yet another game that left audiences talking and conversing about the experience long after the credits rolled.

The platforming and puzzle-solving in PlayDead's Inside was a lot more sophisticated and complex than what was introduced in Limbo, but at the same time, there was that element of grounded reality that really made Inside feel far more creepy and unsettling than PlayDead's previous outing.

If you missed out on both games and you're keen on experiencing something outside of first-person shooters or action-RPG titles, you can't really go wrong with the double pack featuring two of the most celebrated games within recent gaming history. Obviously, picking up the double-pack for PC during the Steam Summer Sale for only $12.58 would probably be the better option, but if you're stuck with a potato PC, you can look for the retail launch for home consoles this fall.

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