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Titanfall 2 is on sale

This is your last chance to save some major money on a pair of sales that have been heating up the summer with huge discounts on loads of games. If you haven't checked out the Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale or the PlayStation Network Mid-Year Sale, you've only got a day or two left to do exactly that.

It's been a huge year for games, what with titles like Horizon, Nier: Automata and The Legend of Zelda hitting shelves, and that's just to name a few. Still, maybe you don't have the console to run some of those big games or maybe those titles just aren't your cup of tea. Thankfully, both Sony and Microsoft have been hosting massive sales on their respective digital platforms, offering a little (or a lot, really) something for everyone regardless of taste. If you're looking for something to play through the summer months or to keep yourself busy through the rest of the year, there's plenty on offer here.

The problem is that both of these sales end soon so, if you haven't given them a gander, this is your last chance. The Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale comes to an end Monday, July 10, so grab your wallet and hop on there as quickly as possible. You've got just a little bit of extra time with the PSN Mid-Year Sale, which comes to a close this Tuesday, July 11.

So what's all the fuss about? Well, from games to DLC and beyond, both of these sales are a bit on the massive side. They might not be able to go toe-to-toe with the sheer volume of discounts available during one of Steam's sales but, if you're a console gamer, this is just about the best you can ask for.

Over on the Xbox front, more than 350 games are included in this sale, alongside discounts on various pieces of hardware and accessories. You'll even be able to save an additional 10 percent if you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, too.

Games included in the Xbox sale include Halo Wars 2, Far Cry: Primal, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Batman: Arkham Knight and Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection. Indies are getting in on the fun, too, including games like Thimbleweed Park, Snake Pass, and Terraria. Again, that's just a small sampling and some of those games are discounted by up to 80 percent, so don't take too long making your purchase choices.

It's the same song, different verse on the PlayStation Network, where everyone can save 50 percent on a metric ton of games. That discount is bumped to 75 percent for the Plus crowd. Games include Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition, Madden 17, Rayman Legends, Fallout 4 and many, many more. This sale includes something for all Sony platforms, including PSVR, as well as a collection of movies.

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