League Of Legends' Urgot Just Gained Some Killer New Abilities

Urgot League of Legends

For League of Legends players looking for a good reason to pick up an old hero, Urgot is gearing up for a major rework. While we don't yet have a date on when the Urgot overhaul will go live, it looks like the team at Riot Games wants to make him a viable option once again.

League of Legends hero Urgot has been a less-than-stellar option for going on four years now. Sure, that partially has to do with an ever-expanding roster of new and interesting characters being dropped into the game on a regular basis, but it's also because he's grown into something of an underpowered brute.

With the next major update coming to the popular MOBA, Riot Games plans to make Urgot into a ranged tank character, able to pack a decent punch up close while still causing trouble for his enemies at a distance. The folks at Rift Harold had the new details on his remixed abilities, and they certainly seem to be injecting Urgot with some useful capabilities.

First up is his passive ability, Echoing Flames. In short, if you attack in the direction of one of Urgot's many spider legs, said leg will send out a shotgun blast of damage. Careful positioning could mean major damage.

Next up is his "Q" ability, Corrosive Charge. With this move, Urgot can fire a canister of deadly goo at a targeted region to deal damage. Any hero caught in the blast is not only slowed, they are also locked onto for additional damage.

With Urgot's "W" move, you can perform a Purge. This bad boy causes Urgot to move slowly, but he's not affected by other slow abilities. While active, he opens a rapid-fire storm of bullets that will prioritize anyone who is locked on. This move also has the ability to trigger Echoing Flames for extra damage, with the only setback being that he can't fire normally while Purge is active.

Next up is Disdain, this LoL hero's "E" ability. Urgot charges forward, damaging any mobs that stand in his way. If he hits a hero, he'll pick them up, damage them, and move them to his opposite side. While not super powerful on his own, this could be really handy when trying to position opponents for your teammates to wreck. Doing this also gives Urgot a lock-on to said hero.

Finally, there's the "R" ability, Fear Beyond Death. This is a pretty nasty one that fires a hexdrill beacon at range. If it hits an enemy hero, they are slowed, locked onto and damaged. If a tagged hero's health falls below a certain amount, the ability may be cast a second time, pulling them in with a chain and executing them. If successful, this will also terrify any nearby enemies.

So what do you think, League of Legends players? Does this new version of Urgot seem like a step in the right direction?

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.