League Of Legends' New Champion Illaoi Now Has Her Own Game

Riot Games has decided to show off the next League of Legends champion Illaoi in an interesting way: with a minigame called "Trial of the Kraken Priestess."

In the browser-based game, Illaoi is instructing a sea captain in the ways of her weirdo god Nagakabouros. These lessons are composed of basically trying to kill the captain and suck out his soul. The player takes on the role of the captain and tries to avoid death by performing Quick Time Events. Here's a video of the full experience, if you don't have any interest in playing it:

I wouldn't say it's a fun game. QTEs are still pretty much the worst so a game composed entirely of them isn't that fun. They're not challenging aside from the vague instructions here. The Blitzcrank endless runner game previously released by Riot was way more enjoyable. The basic gameplay was fun and there was reason to play it more than once.

Still, this is an interesting way to preview a new character. I appreciate the different methods that Riot shows us more of these champions. Past characters and skins have been revealed through music videos, comics and animated shorts.

Illaoi is a warrior summons tentacles to spawn on nearby walls. She can then use these tentacles to smack any enemies dumb enough to get near her. Her Test of Spirit ability pulls out the soul of an enemy so she and her teammates can attack it. If the enemy runs too far away or their spirit is destroyed, they'll be slowed significantly.

Illaoi will be the fifth and final champion released in 2015, following Bard, Ekko, Tahm Kench and Kindred. Riot hasn't nailed down a specific release date for her yet. However, it's expected she'll be available shortly after the release of patch 5.23, currently in testing on the Public Beta Environment.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.