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There is no lack of apps on the Xbox One for most activities, but there are a few blind spots in the music department when it comes to Xbox One applications. Well, Microsoft is potentially filling in the gap with a fairly major music streaming application: Spotify.

According to The Verge, there have been some images circulating of Xbox PR front-man Major Nelson using a Spotify Music app for the Xbox One. When the images first appeared across social media some people thought that it was just Major Nelson using the Spotify Music app on a Windows 10 system, since it is possible to attach your Xbox Live account to your Windows 10 system whether it's a mobile device, laptop or PC.

However, the image notes that Major Nelson's Spotify Music app was being used on the Xbox, thus negating the possibility that it was the same app available for Windows 10.

As some of you may know, Spotify Music is not available on the Xbox gaming platforms. As far as consoles are concerned, Spotify Music has been exclusive to the PS3 and PS4 for the past two years. Spotify is also available on mobile devices and Windows 10, but not Xbox.

In a Reddit thread some people thought that perhaps Major Nelson had modified the name when using it on Windows 10 in order to get it to show up as an Xbox app. However, the solution seems a lot simpler than all of that. The Verge notes further into the article that it was in contact with some people at Microsoft and it was confirmed to the outlet that the Spotify Music app is indeed coming to the Xbox One... soon.

According to The Verge, the app is currently in testing internally at the Xbox studios, and will be rolled out soon enough with one of the newer system updates for the Xbox ecosystem.

The app's availability might arrive either in the next major update or with the system update that goes live with the launch of the Xbox One X. As noted in the article, Microsoft has plans on overhauling the dashboard to accommodate the 4K capabilities of the new home console.

So, why the huge delay on Spotify coming to Xbox? No idea. Sony did manage to secure a lot of exclusivity for various entertainment and QOL apps during the early days of the system's launch back in 2013. Microsoft had pushed a lot of prospective partnerships and consumers away during the Mattrick-era policies, which originally included having to pay to access apps on the Xbox One. The added drawbacks of the 24-hour check-in and other DRM measures made the system far less than viable as an alternative to the PlayStation 4. This played a huge role in the first two years of both systems being on the market, where the PlayStation 4 received a ton of app support, exclusive apps and other similar features, but the Xbox struggled after having to remove a lot of its core features.

Over the years, under the leadership of Phil Spencer, the Xbox brand has made a huge rebound on the market and it looks like app support is now a priority once again, as Spotify could be launching soon for the Xbox console family.

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