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Destiny 2

Even though Bungie's Destiny 2 hasn't even released yet, the game is already in the news for the kind of DLC it might be receiving. With the original DLC for the first game not being the most memorable part of the experience, there's now rumors about what kind of DLC could be in store for the upcoming first-person shooter sequel.

Kotaku is reporting that sources have revealed that there's a big new piece of DLC on the horizon for Destiny 2 that won't just be standard DLC but an actual extended expansion known as Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris.

According to the article, the DLC will see players meeting the character Osiris for the first time. That's right, Osiris may have been part of the themed content in the original Destiny, but we never got to see Osiris. Well, this time around for the sequel we will get to see Osiris but only after completing a new set of quests set on Mercury, where a brand new patrol zone will be added along with an all new social space at the Lighthouse area.

This area was originally in the first game but was only available to a limited number of players through the Trials of Osiris if they managed to earn it through a flawless performance.

The article points out that the first piece of DLC for the original Destiny, the Dark Below, was rather paltry. Many gamers complained about how simple and easy it was and how little it left them to do shortly after it released.

In fact, Destiny 1's DLC was all pretty lackluster up until Destiny: The Taken King came along and offered gamers a truly challenging and satisfying opportunity to work together in order to overcome one of the hardest boss fights presented in the game. It was one of the few times where live-streams and YouTubers had to work together, figure out the boss patterns and attempt to overcome the challenge.

Bungie managed to keep the pressure up with the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron, which was yet again another huge expansion for the game instead of just some skimpy DLC offerings like before. Rise of Iron was a full-on expansion with an all new story line and quests for players to complete that revealed more about the last of the Iron Lords and the lore behind their desperate attempt to save the galaxy.

A lot of people praised Bungie for the storytelling and the gameplay content that was present in Destiny: Rise of Iron, which managed to elevate the stock of the brand before the team moved on full-time toward Destiny 2.

If the new DLC really is set to expand the base game later this year during December, it means that the company is already turning up the timetable on the content being produced for the sequel, aiming to get out more new expansion packs at a slightly faster rate.

Activision didn't respond to the article, yet. So we're unsure exactly how true it is that Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris will legitimately drop in December.