Watch Kumail Nanjiani School Conan O'Brien At Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War In New Clueless Gamer

It's been a while since we've seen a new Clueless Gamer episode. In one of the previous episodes, Conan and Kate Upton took on the challenging game of Cuphead. This time around actor Kumail Nanjiani gave Conan O'Brien a lesson in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

The latest episode was posted up over on the official Team CoCo YouTube channel, where viewers could take a gander at the near eight-minute episode, where Conan and the Silicon Valley star get in some game time with Warner Bros' upcoming action-RPG.

The episode starts with Aaron giving the duo a rundown of how the Nemesis system works in Monolith Productions' Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and then they proceed to hop into the game.

During the episode, Conan attempts to take down a drunk Orc, but fails miserably and ends up getting shot multiple times in the face by the crossbow-wielding foe.

Kumail takes over and begins laying waste to all of the baddies in their path, and even manages to avenge Conan's death by killing the drunk Orc that originally shot him in the face.

Eventually, they get to the segment of the playthrough where Kumail reveals that he plays one of the characters they're about to encounter, Dugz the Agonizer. Conan at first is proud of the actor, just until Kumail reveals that he's actually the comic relief in the game.

Conan and Kumail encounter his character and the character cracks a few jokes, to which Conan roasts the actor and comedian for sounding exactly the same.

They then bring in the creative director where Conan chides him on how they had Kumail sound exactly the same in Shadow of War as he does in real life.

It's true that Dugz the Agonizer doesn't sound quite as menacing as some of his other Orc peers, but he still manages to get the job done.

While the game allows you to recruit a ton of different characters, they did not recruit Kumail's Agonizer, instead, they killed him... cleaving him clean in half.

Even though they joked about the voicing acting, Conan did praise the Silicon Valley star for his amazing gaming skills and being able to blast through the game and kill Orcs like a pro. I suppose he had some time to practice with Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor as he prepped for the role.

Kumail was also in another game earlier this year, BioWare Montreal's Mass Effect: Andromeda. Once again he played the comic relief Salarian aboard the Nexus. This time around his role was a bit smaller but he still seemed to stick with the comic-relief role.

You can check out Kumail in the game when Middle-Earth: Shadow of War launches on October 10th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.