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Gaming buds come together for wedding.

Here's one of those stories you can share with folks who argue online friends aren't "real friends." Charles Powell, from West Chester, Ohio, was recently married. His best man? A guy he met while playing Xbox 15 years prior. Even wilder, this was the first time they had met in person.

This heartwarming story comes to us from Metro, who caught wind of the recent wedding thanks to a photo gaining attention on social media. In it, Powell is seen with Josephf Morris, from Baltimore, Maryland, proclaiming that the two had met for the first time in person after meeting online back in 2003.

Back at the turn of the century, Powell met a stranger while playing Phantasy Star Online on Xbox. He asked the stranger, who turned out to be Joseph Waters, for some monofluid, an in-game item that boosts your magical powers. The duo started playing the game together and eventually met both William Brown and Josephf Morris. The four became fast online friends, with Morris eventually being asked to become Powell's best man and the others attending the wedding as guests.

As noted above, none of these guys had ever actually met each other in person before. Instead, they played games together for 15 years and got to know each other through regular conversations. They became friends on other social media like Facebook but, again, the lived states apart and never crossed paths.

Powell decided it was time to change all of that when he proposed to his now-wife, Myra. He and Morris had become especially close over the years, hence asking him to join the wedding party. Powell explained that, due to all of the online chatter, his wife even began to think of Morris as family.

Long story short, everyone came together for the wedding and had a wonderful time. Powell said that everyone was a bit reserved at first, but they eventually opened up and got back to chatting as if they were just catching up online.

They're just as close online now as they have been for the past 15 years, only now they're gaming on the PlayStation 4 and falling back on WhatsApp and other methods of staying connected.

Concerning meeting his virtual pals for the first time, Powell posted a picture of himself with Morris, along with a description that explained they were Xbox Live friends for 15 years and that "online friends are real life friends."

Now for the big question: Any chance Myra is going to join the guild? After all, the couple that games together stays together.

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