When Marvel's Spider-Man hits the PlayStation 4, one of the wise-cracking wall-crawler's biggest challenges will be taking down the villain Mister Negative. Outside of having a pretty fantastic name, it turns out the guy has some pretty cool powers, too.

If you're not super up on Spider-Man lore, you'd be forgiven for assuming Mister Negative is a new villain. The guy isn't exactly on the A-List, which is why it's so exciting to see him pop up as a big bag in the upcoming game. Green Goblin and The Kingpin have been done to death. It's high time they make room for somebody else to fill the villainous spotlight, especially if that baddie has the cool ability to make people give into their dark impulses.

As shown in the above video, that's going to be Mister Negative. Suffering from a seriously bad case of multiple personalities, Martin Li/Mister Negative is the result of some messed up drug testing gone wrong. As Li, the guy is a good-natured, kindhearted philanthropist trying to help the city. As Mister Negative, he simply craves power.

The video starts off with members of Insomniac explaining the draw of Peter Parker/Spider-Man for your average comic book readers and, at about the 1:20-mark, the team finally starts discussing what makes this latest version of Mister Negative so interesting.

As we already knew from this past year's E3 showing, Aunt May works at one of the homeless shelters that's run by Martin Li. This, of course, puts Spidey in a tough spot, as he's trying to take down the guy whose Feast Shelters give his beloved relative a sense of pride and purpose.

As the team notes, the alter ego of Mister Negative is trying to "consume" Li's life and take over completely. Li appears to be aware of this, so maybe all of his positive work around the community is an attempt to counterbalance all of the clears throat negativity being orchestrated by his alter ego.

I mentioned earlier that one of Mister Negative's most prominent abilities is to make people turn to their own dark side. That will likely put Peter in some crazy situations if, while trying to be a good person and hero, he's got a villain capable of making him act on his worst impulses.

Of course, Mister Negative wouldn't be much of a villain if all he could do is make you kick puppies, so he's also got the ability to fire negative energy in a harmful wave. That energy can also be formed into things like swords so, yeah, he's got a pretty versatile arsenal at his disposal.

If nothing else, the video serves as a convincing argument that the team at Insomniac truly understands the character of Spider-Man and, just as importantly, Peter Parker. We're looking forward to seeing how it all comes together next year when Marvel's Spider-Man finally arrives on the PlayStation 4.

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