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The Division Sequel

Ubisoft's The Division came out back in early 2016. The game wasn't quite what gamers had been expecting when it originally made its debut at E3 years prior, but it still managed to sell millions of copies and retain a lot of engagement. So quite naturally, a lot of people have been left wondering, will The Division be getting a sequel?

Well, here's what Massive Entertainment's managing director, David Polfeldt, told IGN...

I definitely think there's lots of space for continuation which is beyond just keeping The Division online. But...I can't talk about that too much right now.

Polfeldt explained that the team expected the player engagement to dwindle over the year, but that didn't happen at all. Instead, after every major patch, there's a resurgence of players who hop back into The Division to see what's new and check out the new raids, weapons, gear, and bosses. Strangely, this seems to be a recurring theme for Ubisoft's business practices, as evident with Rainbow Six: Siege, which continues to see strong numbers among players engaged in the PvP first-person shooter.

However, as Polfeldt points out, right now Massive Entertainment is not talking about The Division 2 is because the team may or may not have plans for the sequel but right now the focus is on a completely separate project that Ubisoft has Massive Entertainment working on: a video game tie-in to James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequel(s).

Yes, big-budget movie games are still a thing, even if it's a rare thing that only occasionally happens every now and then. However, Ubisoft decided to partner back up with Cameron to make a new Avatar game.

Details on the movie-based title are thin, but Ubisoft was given the reigns before way back when the original movie came out back in 2009. The game came out back then for the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3, which were the dominant home consoles during the seventh gen. The game was a third-person shooter, not unlike games such as Gears of War or The Division, but its generic template and uninspired gameplay made it a fairly forgettable game. It's a little surprising that Fox would reunite with Ubisoft for another title based on Avatar, but maybe it was because the first game was forgettable that the partnership is happening again for the sequel.

However, once the movie-based game is out of the way, it's likely that Massive can get back to work on a Division sequel. The current game has received a number of expansion packs that prolonged the story mode, added new ways to get loot, and improved the overall PvP combat. The game did receive some initial blowback when it released as it was not quite how it had appeared in the E3 trailers leading up to its release. The typical complaints about downgrades -- something that has plagued other Ubisoft titles such as Watch Dogs and Rainbow Six: Siege -- followed the game into its early months on the market, but it still managed to carve out its own market.

Ubisoft might be waiting to take advantage of more powerful hardware before fully committing to a sequel for The Division, otherwise, the company would still run into the same technical limitations that it encountered with the first game.

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