Watching The Director Of Overwatch In Front Of A Fireplace Is The New Yule Log

Jeff Kaplan Live-Stream
(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Some people are spent Christmas Eve traveling. Some people spent Christmas Eve stuck in traffic. Some people spent Christmas Eve with friends and family, while others are spent it alone. For tens of thousands of people, they spent Christmas Eve watching Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan sit in front of a fireplace.

No, I'm not joking. People actually watched Jeff Kaplan sit in a chair, in front of a fireplace, doing nothing. Oh it's true... it's real true. There's a Twitch live-stream of the whole thing taking place to prove just how true it is.

So what's happening in the stream? Well, we see Jeff sitting in a leather chair, black-sleeved shirt and jeans with slip-on shoes. On Jeff's left is a small stand with a plate of freshly baked cookies on them, a nearly half full bottle of milk, and a dark navy coffee mug with an Overwatch symbol on it. The mug is filled with milk from the bottle... obviously.

Kaplan sits, almost in therapeutic thought while gazing off into the nothingness beyond the screen. He'll occasionally look up, look around, and then stare straight ahead. At one point early on a boom mic dropped, knocking off Kaplan's glasses.

The live-stream blew up and ended up trending on Twitter, with lots of people capturing gifs and clips in an attempt to find out if the live-stream is on a loop.

Some believe that it's not on loop because Kaplan continues to move around, change his pose, and alter his mannerisms throughout. At one point he picks up a cookie from the back of the pile and eats it; periodically dipping the baked good into the Overwatch coffee mug to soak it in some of the room-temperature milk, devouring it in no particular hurry.

The live-stream garnered nearly 40,000 viewers who were doing nothing but literally watching Kaplan sit in the chair. Many still questioning if it was a loop.

We do find out that there is a stop pattern to the live-stream, and at times it will click and Kaplan will change his pose, or will alter his posture, indicating that the feed isn't in real time and that this was all Blizzard's way of either getting people to come together on Christmas Eve if they didn't have anything better to do, or for those looking for a comforting and calm way to spend the evening by checking in on the zen moment of Kaplan sitting by the yule time fire.

This little stunt follows Blizzard's recent holiday season update for Overwatch, which features all-new Legendary skins, all new events, and all new items to unlock through the cosmetic loot boxes.

The live-stream ran throughout a good portion of the day, and is now available to view on Twitch if you'd like to put Jeff Kaplan in the background while you open presents this morning.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.