GTA Online's Newest Update Solves One Of Grand Theft Auto V's Longest Mysteries

GTA V Doomsday Heist
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The newest update for GTA Online adds an all-new adventure in the form of the Doomsday Heist update. Well, the update not only brings some new weapons, vehicles and thrills to GTA V's online component, it also answers questions to one of the game's longest-running mysteries. The mystery of Mt. Chiliad.

IGN has a wiki update that reveals that the mystery behind Mt. Chiliad has finally been solved, but not in the way that gamers may have expected. Originally, gamers thought they had to perform certain tasks to access the secrets of Mt. Chiliad. In reality, Rockstar simply reserved the mountain for an all-new heist that involves sneaking into the secret facility in order to stop the destruction of the entire Earth.

During the mission, players will gain access to the jetpacks finally and stop the military bunker from being used for nefarious purposes. The facility isn't the interstellar gateway that some people assumed it to be. Instead, it's a secret government facility housing nuclear missiles.

Originally, gamers knew something was up with the base when it was discovered that there were hints about the mountain's secret that first appeared in GTA V's story mode. There was a makeshift map inside the game that seemed to point to a pyramid of sorts that had hidden compartments underneath it. Gamers then noticed that at one of the lookouts on the coast there were hints that there was more to the mountain after completing the story mode. This led gamers on a wild goose chase to discover more about the secret mountain.

Many gamers assumed that this tied into the game's UFOs, which were later discovered to be something completely different and eventually had their own specialized mission that was added to GTA Online, but the outcome wasn't quite to the liking of many gamers.

Even still, the resolution of the UFOs still didn't answer the questions about Mt. Chiliad. Many conspiracy theorists believed that it had some sort of connection to GTA: San Andreas, where one of the missions saw CJ breaking into a secret government facility located out in the desert.

During the mission CJ could get his hands on a jetpack in order to make the escape before James Woods and the rest of the government agents could stop him.

For GTA Online the mission is a lot less over the top, but you still gain access to the jetpack. This is just one of the many Easter Eggs in GTA V that has finally been solved.

In fact, I think almost all of the important Easter Eggs have now been solved, including the mystery of the Sasquatch, the ghosts, and other secrets.

Some gamers are a bit disappointed that the Mt. Chiliad secret didn't quite bear out like they thought and didn't include the use of aliens in a more substantial way, but others are just happy that Rockstar has finally completed what was started in the story mode. This is likely Rockstar's way of wrapping things up leading into the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018 for the Xbox One and PS4.

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