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Bungie already released Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris for those who needed a new fix for the sci-fi, space-age, first-person shooter. However, the company may have even more up its sleeve with an even bigger expansion due for release, assuming we're to believe that a recent PSN leak may have revealed Destiny 2's next big expansion.

Game Informer is reporting that some intrepid Reddit users managed to snap a photo of a PlayStation Store page that was briefly made available for PSN users. The user that captured the image later deleted their account, and attempted to wipe any trace that they were responsible for posting the info. And quite naturally, the PlayStation Store page was taken down shortly after the the news spread.

The leak reveals that the new expansion is called Destiny 2: Gods of Mars. The store page listed that it's due out in March of 2018. The description explains that it's the second major expansion for Destiny 2 and sees the player-character going on a "long journey" to the Vale of Mars, a frigid and environmentally dangerous location.

The new location will feature all-new missions, public events, and brand new enemies to encounter. The story centers around Charlemagne, who has been reawakened on Mars and managed to imprison Rasputin. Players will have to team up with the mysterious Ana Bray to free Rasputin from the ancient vault and fight off Charlemagne's forces. There's also a secret to uncover in the form of Clovis Bray.

But that's not all. The expansion will also contain all new themed weapons, armor and brand new gear. Hopefully, it's not all locked in loot boxes attached to the EverVerse. However, the image does state that there will be new cooperative activities, a new set of multiplayer arenas, and a brand new enemy faction and accompanying bosses.

Funnily enough, it was the enemy faction and bosses that sent some Destiny fans into a tizzy over the new content. Suffice it to say, Bungie hasn't quite matched its wits in AI enemies since working on the Halo franchise. So if what the image says is true, we'll see if the studio can deliver a new and more adequately menacing nemesis for players to encounter.

Based on the PlayStation Store image, it looks as if Destiny 2: Gods of Mars will carry a $19.99 price tag on it, which is about average for an expansion. Interestingly enough, it appears Bungie and Activision learned from previous Destiny expansions not to price it too high on the tier or otherwise there might be complaints.

For Destiny: Taken King, the expansion was $39.99, which had some people scratching their heads in bewilderment as to why the expansion would cost as much as some brand new games. Bungie, at the time, stated that it was due to the amount of content contained within the expansion, thus the price was justified.

The pendulum seemed to swing in the opposite direction with Curse of Osiris, with many complaining that it was too short and too easy. So we'll see how well Bungie balances out the tables if Destiny 2: God of Mars turns out to be a real expansion.

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