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The PlayStation VR headset.

There's no denying that 2017 was a big year for the PlayStation VR but, if Sony's estimates are to be believed, 2018 could be an even bigger year for their virtual reality headset.

In a recent statement to Nikkei, via Siliconera, Sony Interactive Entertainment stated there will be an 80 percent increase in VR game development throughout 2018. That means Sony expects the platform's library of 150 games to increase to 280 by the end of the year.

That's a pretty ambitious goal, but it makes a heck of a lot of sense when you consider all of the advantages working in PSVR's favor here in the early goings of the year.

Direct from Sony, the PlayStation VR has 2 million units out in the wild right now, which is a really comfortable figure to use when trying to woo additional developers over to the hardware. But if they're expecting another 180 games to be on the virtual/physical shelf in the next 12 months, we figure quite a few of those are already well into development and accounted for at this point.

As for why Sony has been so successful with the PSVR in the first place, they had a couple of factors working in their favor from the get-go. For starters, the PSVR was the most inexpensive VR headset on the shelves in 2016, coming in at a fraction of the cost of the Vive and Oculus headsets. Sure, the platform isn't as powerful as the competition, but it's definitely powerful enough to play pretty much everything developers have thrown at the technology up to this point. More importantly, the PSVR launched for the PlayStation 4, a console millions of gamers already had in their homes. Without the need to drop a couple thousand dollars on a new gaming rig, the PSVR was a much more attractive package to folks interested in taking the emerging technology for a spin.

Finally, PSVR had a couple of nice exclusives ready to roll at launch and heading into 2017, with strong early sales encouraging developers working on big titles for the other platforms to eventually roll out a PSVR version of their game as well.

As noted in the original report, Sony decided to trim their already lower price tag last year, making the PSVR a nice addition to plenty of holiday shopping lists. Combine that with a hardware refresh and a steadily growing number of PS4 owners, and you've got a solid recipe for success.

Now for the big question: When is Sony going to announce some of those big upcoming titles? We know that E3 is only about five months away, but maybe Sony will see some value in a special reveal targeted exclusively at PSVR in the near future. We're not saying they need to make a big production of it, though, as Nintendo seems to be doing just fine with their short Direct presentations. Just a thought, Sony!