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A hangry xenomorph.

Just like the xenomorphs themselves, new games based on the Aliens franchise keep popping up when you least expect them. For those of you who feared it was "game over, man," FoxNext Games has reportedly purchased Cold Iron Studios, who are now tackling a new game full of Facehuggers, Chestbusters and the like.

Details are pretty scarce right now, as production is only just now ramping up, but Polygon is reporting that a new Aliens game is on the way. While Fox previously leased the property to Sega for game publishing, their own FoxNext Games division will be handling publishing this time around. They've also picked up a new studio to handle development, Cold Iron Studios.

At this point, we know that the plan is to make this new Aliens game a AAA FPS that will launch on consoles and PC. And since FPS can encapsulate a lot of genres, we don't know if that means the new game will be a straight-up shooting gallery, a more atmospheric horror romp, or something that's a bit of both.

As for Cold Iron Studios, it was formed back in 2015 and is comprised of some noteworthy employees. They don't seem to have released a game of their own just yet, but members of staff worked on everything from Neverwinter and City of Heroes to BioShock Infinite and Metroid Prime 3.

As for where this game will take place in the Aliens storyline, your guess is as good as ours. The movies have gone all over the place, while the most recent games include a panned action title, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and a rad but frequently overlooked horror offering, Alien: Isolation.

On the movie front, Alien: Covenant last year bridged the prequel film and the regular series, with Ridley Scott reportedly stating that the next film in the series might not even include xenomorphs. While that approach might work out okay on the silver screen, we figure video game players are going to want to come face to snappy snout with the series' big bad.

And again, maybe we're being too narrow in our thinking when it comes to the idea of an FPS set in the Aliens universe. Given the team's previous work experience and the current industry climate, is it possible we're looking at an online-focused, multiplayer game of some sort? Could an Aliens arena shooter or some sort of wild PUBG clone be on the way? That's likely a bit of over-the-top speculation, but the point is that the sky is the limit until FoxNext makes some additional details official.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to find out more. In the meantime, feel free to drop your wish list in the comments below.

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