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Destiny 2

Bungie can't seem to catch a break these days, and neither can their community. The developers have been caught in one controversy after another as they attempt to navigate the murky waters of their ever-dwindling player base. This time around Bungie is addressing the controversial shader mechanics in Destiny 2.

In the weekly update over on the official Bungie website, senior design lead, Tyson Green, explained why Bungie doesn't have an item dismantling system for the shaders like it did with the original Destiny, and also explained how the team is looking into fixing the issue...

We know you miss D1 Armor Shader mechanics. Looking at ways to re-integrate that capability without losing the ability to shade weapons, Ghosts, ships, Sparrows, or customize specific pieces of armor. We also understand you want shaders to be more freely usable and not limited by availability. We're looking at re-introducing shader collections or a way to get copies of a shader in your possession.

At the moment the only way to disassemble shaders is to manually take them apart. It's mentioned by Green that there's the possibility of attaching the ability to disassemble stacks using the left trigger and 'X' on the DualShock or the left trigger and 'A' on the Xbox controller, but Green states that such a solution "isn't the spirit of what players are asking for."

Technically, Bungie doesn't entirely address what players are asking for, other than addressing why Destiny 2's inventory management for shaders isn't like the system from Destiny 1. In fact, Green explains that in Destiny 2 the shaders are now individual items and trigger reward bundles differently based on when they're dismantled. This system applies even if the reward payout is considered to be "simple."

Some gamers might be asking, "Why not just allow players to receive the stack of individual rewards from dismantling a bundle of shaders?" Well, according to Green this isn't doable because it could trigger dozens or hundreds of potential rewards in mass for players dismantling a stack of shaders, and Bungie doesn't feel this is an adequate way of addressing the issue in Destiny 2.

While some players might say, "Good, more rewards for dismantling shaders!" Blizzard is of the mind that that this could also create an inventory issue as well, especially if dismantling shaders produces Glimmer, which is a valuable currency used in the game. Dismantling a stack of shaders and producing Glimmer that doesn't fit into your inventory could prove to be problematic.

In a way, the inventory issue does make sense. Of course, one solution would be to send the extra items to a player's mail box or setup a tertiary item holding mechanic for when items exceed the inventory space when dismantling.

Bungie is still working on solutions and attempting to find the best ways to address the problem for gamers and make Destiny 2's shader dismantling enjoyable and accessible. Following on the XP scandal and the Eververse issues, it seems like Bungie just can't catch a break these days, but hopefully the studio can find a snappy solution to the shader problem.

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