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The Fear Effect series is set to continue, complete with a graphical overall and a new gameplay perspective that should make sneaking through environments more manageable. And based on the latest trailer, fans will be able to get with the sneaking very soon. It's set to launch on March 6.

If you're an old hand at the Fear Effect games, you probably noticed that this latest offering, Sedna, looks quite a bit different from the titles launched on the original PlayStation. But while those differences may be a bit divisive, we're pretty sure anything from the series is a welcome addition at this point.

After years of waiting, it looks like the latest chapter in the series will finally be upon us on March 6, launching for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The game's coming to us from the folks at Sushee, with publishing being handled by Forever Entertainment, who is using the license courtesy of Square Enix Collective.

As is frequently the case with blast-from-the-past games these days, Fear Effect was saved as a series courtesy of Kickstarter. Crowdfunding has brought back series like Blood Bowl and, soon, Toejam & Earl, as well as games inspired by classic titles, such as Yooka-Laylee. The best part about Fear Effect: Sedna is that it's 100 percent canon. It's considered the third installment in the series, so fans who have been waiting years to see the story continue will finally get their wish fulfilled on March 6.

If you're not familiar with the Fear Effect series, you probably wouldn't have noticed how distinct Sedna looks in comparison to the previous games. The original Fear Effect used similar animated cutscenes, but the gameplay sections are quite a bit different.

Fear Effect, like so many third-person games of the era, used tank controls and a fixed perspective. You could explore the 3D spaces, but your view was limited to where the developers had decided to place the camera.

The environments in Sedna are isometric and pulled way back, giving players a view of quite a bit of map real estate. Seeing a bit more of the level should help players plan their routes and stay more stealthy, but it also means the gunplay can open up a bit. Taking out baddies in Sedna look like it will be similar to a modern twin-stick shooter, where you can move with one stick and aim with the other. There's also a dodge available and what appears to be melee attacks.

Even cooler, it looks like the cast is opening up a bit, with several key characters controllable throughout the story.

We're definitely interested to see how Sedna turns out. Given how the project was funded and developed, we've got our fingers crossed that it has evolved into something of a love letter to the Fear Effect series crossed with some fun and interesting new ideas.

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