Overwatch Finally Let Zenyatta Walk, And The Results Are Horrifying

Have you ever wondered what the floating mystic Zenyatta looks like when he isn't floating? Have you ever wondered how he walks? Well, lots of people asked and Blizzard obliged by showcasing a small clip of the zen warrior walking around the battlefield... but the results are horrifying.

The short clip of Zenyatta walking was posted up over on the official Overwatch Twitter account. It shows off 25 seconds of Zenyatta in the corner of the map where he's no longer floating, but instead standing on the ground. We then see him begin to walk and it's not what you would expect. Instead of having normal walking animations like the rest of his peers, the religious warrior has some wide, bow-legged bicycle struts.

It looks more like Zenyatta is dancing than walking, and it looks pretty ridiculous. We also see how he fires while standing from a horse-stance squat, typically used for throwing punches in martial arts. In a way, it fits with his Hindi-shaolin monk martial arts motif. However, it's probably not the sort of thing that most Overwatch fans expected out of the peaceful robotic Omni using his legs for locomotion.

It's pretty obvious Blizzard is playing around with the audience, as Zenyatta very well would have had a normal set of walking animations, or he could have shared with some of the other characters. However, instead, Blizzard decided to give Zenyatta some really ridiculous and horrifying walking sets.

The entire thread for the clip is filled with memes, jokes and people making fun of Zenyatta's walking animations. Others posted images to make Zenyatta go back to floating after seeing him walk.

In a way, sometimes some things are better left to the unknown than to be discovered and ruin your perception on that thing for the rest of your life.

I'm sure some people will be unable to unsee Zenyatta dance-walking around as if he has a really bad case of rusted bolts stuck in his compactor.

Of course, this probably won't deter any of the hardcore fans from still adoring and playing the zen-like warrior during the Overwatch League bouts, which have currently entered into the second stage of tournament play.

Additionally, Blizzard has also teased a new character that might be joining the roster soon, so that's likely worth keeping an eye on as well.

Of course, you probably wish you didn't put your eyes on Zenyatta's walking animations because that's going to be tough to wash out of your mind's eye.

Thankfully this little teaser is compartmentalized into the cordoned off spaces of social media, so you don't have to worry about Zenyatta's kooky walking animations making an appearance in the Overwatch game anytime soon, which should help some fans rest easy knowing that their favorite character is spared from enduring the embarrassment of having to travel around with his feet on the ground.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.