Inside Is Getting A $375 Collector's Edition That Maybe Includes A Sex Doll?


Playdead Studios' Inside came out a while ago. In fact, the 2.5D platforming puzzler came out two years ago for home consoles and PC. However, Playdead has a special $375 collector's edition, and due to who partnered with Playdead, it leaves some people wondering if it maybe includes a sex doll.

The whole confusion over what's inside the box sprung up from a listing on iam8bit's store page. It features a scrolling package with the logos for iam8bit, Playdead... and RealDoll. Yes, that RealDoll.

The company is known for making realistic sex dolls for customers. Now we know that it's not a full-sized RealDoll tucked away in the package. Why? Because according to the listings on the official RealDoll website, their life-like sex dolls ship for the not-so-cheap starting price of $4,000. Yes, $4,000 for a lifelike sex doll. The upper end of the dolls ship for $7,000. There's a massive price differential between the Inside collector's edition and the real sex dolls. So, obviously, you're not getting some lifelike hanky panky material in the box... or are you?

The company does produce a number of sex toys that would fit within the $375 price range. In this case there could be something kinky tucked away inside the box... we just don't know what.

The limited time release package will include an actual game disc of Inside for the PS4, and it will be region-free. It also comes with "other stuff," but the trio of companies are mum on what that "other stuff" happens to be.

In fact, in the description it mentions that iam8bit will specifically "not tell you what" the other stuff actually is. They tease customers by saying that maybe it is or isn't what you're thinking, but there are several items included.

You'll only have up until June 8th to pre-order the special Inside collector's edition, and after that it will cease to exist forever.

Obviously, this still doesn't resolve the fact that there's a mystery item in the box and we have no idea what it is. Or do we? While the RealDoll logo obviously points toward something sexual, it may not be anything of the sort.

RealDoll focuses on utilizing advanced silicon developments to reproduce lifelike skin and bodily textures for its highly expensive sex dolls. That much is obvious from the basic description of the company either from on the website or a quick search around the web. However, we see that the scrolling image on the box on iam8bit's website features the giant flesh-monster from the end of Inside that goes on a rampage in the secret facility. The amalgamation of body-parts, which looked like something out The Thing or Neill Blomkamp's Zygote, is hurriedly walking across the box art of the mysterious collector's edition package. It's possible that iam8bit, Playdead and RealDoll teamed up to make a lifelike miniature figure of the flesh beast from the game... maybe?

I guess we'll find out once the shipments start going out after June 8th.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.