This week saw the release of Farewell, the aptly titled bonus episode to the Life is Strange prequel, Before the Storm. While the new game is an even smaller story than its predecessors, that's part of why it's so great. Following two solid episodic dramas, the last thing fans need at the end is another heart-wrenching tale to get them wound up. This is not to say Farewell is without emotion, because it's not. But if you find yourself tearing up, it will be as an emotional release.

Farewell feels like the right title because it seems to indicate this could very well be the end of this particular story. In all honesty, it probably should be, because after playing through it, there's really no reason to go back. Here's why I'm happy to say goodbye to Max and Chloe following the bonus episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

The Return of Old Friends

There are two sets of returns in Farewell, one on the screen, and the other behind it. For starters, Farewell is a prequel story that sees the player take on the role of Maxine Caulfield once again. It takes place prior to the events of Before the Storm, making it a prequel to the prequel, before Max has moved away from Arcadia Bay. It also sees the return of the original voice actors from the original Life is Strange. Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch are back. Burch was unable to reprise her role due to the SAG-AFTRA voice actors strike, but now that it's over, she has returned to voice Chloe. Seeing so much from the original series back feels like the right place for this one to wrap up.

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