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PlayerUnknown's Battleground's Upcoming Map Just Took A Big Step Forward

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

PUBG Corporation wants to add a third map to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The new map was teased at first, but now the developers are taking further steps to make sure that the map will be implemented in a seamless and efficient fashion.

IGN is reporting that the first beta tests for the new 4x4 kilometer map called Codename: Savage. The game's new map will be tested first with Steam audiences starting April 2nd at 7:00 pm Pacific Standard Time and it will conclude on April 5th at 4:00 am Pacific Standard Time.

The map testing will include various aspects of the Savage map being pushed to its limits so that players can find bugs, glitches, geometry deformations, and other small and large problems that could impede on the fun that gamers might have in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with the new map.

According to the IGN article, this test of the new Codename: Savage map will be a "limited" test, focusing on the map since it's considered to be a super early build. Apparently there will be additional tests before the map makes its full appearance in the game.

It features a tropical setting on a small island, with a river that runs through the center of the map. There's a small city of some sort at the northwest edge of the map, while the topography reveals some terrace fields near the center of the map.

There's a giant field located at the southeast corner of the map, along with a scattering of buildings on the far east side, and another structure at the south-most area of the map.

The southwest area of the new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds map has a fairly large mountain. It looks like it scales quite high when it comes to verticality.

Throughout the map, there are large pockets of jungle area, great for hiding and sneaking around.

The map should offer players something distinctly different from what they've been playing on the other two maps.

However, the obvious question is if this will have any effect the current stranglehold that Epic Games has on the Battle Royale genre with Fortnite? Epic's title recently broke a YouTube record, and has been played by music artist Drake.

PUBG Corporation's title has been picking up a lot of engagement from the mobile sector after teaming with Tencent Games. So maybe it's all balancing out?

For gamers who have grown bored with the current offerings, the new 4x4 Codename: Savage map could help greatly in improving the lure of playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds once again. The game launched into Steam Early Access last year in March. During December the game launched on the Xbox One as part of the preview program and it also graduated from Early Access on Steam. PS4 gamers are expected to receive a version of the game after the team finally irons out all the kinks and likely release the newest map for gamers across all major platforms.

There's no ETA on the official launch of the new map, but a new 8x8 kilometer map is also on the horizon, along with new game modes set to arrive this year.

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