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Bethesda finally unveiled the official gameplay trailer for RAGE 2, the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter sequel to the original 2010 outing that came out for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The gameplay trailer sports all sorts of action-packed shootouts, explosive scenarios, and brutal combat.

The video was posted over on the official Bethesda YouTube channel, and it clocks in at just under two minutes. It starts with a mutant being eviscerated while flying in the air, and it just keeps on going at that pace from there.

However, things slow down after a quick montage of chaos. We then learn about more of the backstory to how RAGE 2's world came to be. It was in result of an asteroid hitting the earth and causing billions of lives to be lost in the process.

The video goes through the basic story elements of how different factions splintered off for control of what was left of the wasteland. We then get a few quick clips of the different factions featured in RAGE 2, which will likely remind a lot of people of Fallout.

The trailer then sets up how the world is filled with violence and rage, and we see giant mutants decked out in makeshift armor from scavenged pieces, as well as road bandits smashing and killing people along the roadways.

After the 45 second mark, the trailer changes tone drastically. The setup for the story is water under the bridge, and you can tell that it was time to get gamers geeked.

We see all kinds of wacky and chaotic situations, where Mad Max-inspired chase sequences take place across both the desert and through jungle thickets. We see a turret throwing explosive flames everywhere; we see chakrams decapitating mutants; shotguns putting enemies down on the ground, and machine guns ripping through bandits.

The trailer reiterates that RAGE 2 is all about taking place in an open-world, where anything goes. We see more of the vehicles on display, some designed to run things over while others are designed to unleash heavy firepower on anything in its path.

We get to see some rocket-jumping antics, battles against mechs, and some huge battles taking place inside of a fortress filled to the brim with baddies.

It looks like a fairly chaotic first-person shooter that combines elements of id Software's DOOM from 2016, but, thanks to having Avalanche Studios join in on the developmental fun we get to see some of the obvious influences from the studio's Mad Max game that came out in 2015.

The story itself seems pretty straightforward, as players will take on the role of the last Ranger of the wasteland, but, beyond that, don't expect any more details until Bethesda's E3 showcase in June. RAGE 2 is due for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One at some point in 2019.