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Up until this point, it looked like Mister Negative would be the major antagonist in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Spider-Man. During Sony's E3 showcase last night, though, we got a look at a small army of baddies set to give Spidey a hard time, including a mystery mastermind we've yet to catch a glimpse of. If you've ever wanted to see Spider-Man go toe-to-toe with a gauntlet of his biggest archvillains, tune in for the following seven minutes of explosive action.

Set to launch on Sept. 7, Insomniac Games' Spider-Man looks to do for the wall-crawler what Rocksteady did for Batman with the Arkham games. Parker is officially swinging into the current generation of gaming and he's looking better than ever in this latest trailer.

The scene opens on The Raft, a supermax prison set up off the coast of New York. Spidey has gotten word that a breakout is in progress, which is a real problem when you consider how many of its occupants were sent there by the web-slinger himself. In short, he's heading into very hostile territory where some especially violent goons are mixed in with a collection of super-powered villains.

We learn early on that Electro is some sort of driving force in the breakout, coaxing Spider-Man into chasing him through the prison. This includes a whole bunch of cool cinematics, as well as bouts of platforming and fast-paced fighting.

The real brawl opens with Spidey taking on a dozen low-level scum, kicking the stuffing out of them while using the environment to his advantage. Along with punching, kicking and dodging, Spider-Man can bounce off of walls, whip parts of the environment at his foes and the like. Everything seems super smooth, which will definitely be key for this game's combat. We also see one of Spidey's more powerful moves in action, the "Web Blossom," which shows him leaping into the air to blast everyone nearby with webbing.

No point in walking you through the entire trailer when you can watch it above. Obviously, there's a heck of a lot of spectacular leaping and swinging, as well as the appearance of villains The Rhino, The Vulture and The Scorpion.

Mister Negative makes an appearance toward the end of the trailer, but what he says is far more important than what he does. He reminds the crew of baddies that someone wants Spider-Man alive, making it clear that he's not actually in charge. The whole shebang leads up to a cliffhanger, leaving us to wonder who, exactly, will actually be the big bad in Insomniac's Spider-Man.

If you're thinking this is a long E3 trailer, that was par for the course at the PlayStation evet. While Microsoft, Ubisoft and Bethesda decided to roll out game after game, Sony stuck to their promise from several weeks back that four titles would take the spotlight at their briefing.

While several other games still made an appearance, the big focus was on Spider-Man and three other major exclusives including The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding.

While the rest of those games rest at varying distances over the horizon, Spider-Man will be with us in just a couple short months.

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