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Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit

One of the most innovative projects to land on store shelves in the gaming space within recent years is the Nintendo Labo. It's completely out of the norm, and few people could have guessed that gaming could be used to create cardboard structures and kits for fun and entertainment purposes. The thing is, Nintendo isn't done. Nope, the company has even more cardboard craziness in store for the gaming audience. Nintendo recently announced that new Nintendo Labo kits are actually inbound and that they will allow gamers to create all new entities, this time around with the latest kits focusing on allowing users to build vehicles.

Nintendo announced that the new Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit is set to arrive on store shelves starting September 14th. The new kit will focus on exactly what its namesake infers: building and driving vehicles.

The cardboard customization kit will feature new building boards for a car, a submarine, a plane, a pedal, two keys and a few other vehicular assembly kits.

The new vehicle kit will work in conjunction with all new Nintendo Labo software, which was designed specifically to take advantage of the cardboard Toy-Con projects bundled into the vehicle set.

The construction kits are designed to allow you to control and perform special moves with the vehicles using the "Key." There's also the ability to use a second Key and have a second player join in for two-player adventures that can be exploited in-game.

The vehicle kit will come with an all new set of cardboard construction kits and its own specially designed software. Just like the other Nintendo Labo kits, you won't need tape, glue, or any extraneous material to make the cardboard kits work.

Much like the other kits, the Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit is no pushover when it comes to the price. You'll need to plop down $69.99 for the upcoming vehicle-based kit. It's a tall asking price for something that many Nintendo Switch owners are going to have to go in blind purchasing, but that's what Nintendo is requiring to dive into the next set of cardboard kits for Nintendo Labo.

At the moment there are two other kits available in the format of the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. The first kit features a series of construction sets you can build that includes a piano, a motorcycle, a fishing rod, and a house. For the Vehicle Kit the software is a lot more engaging than the previous two kits, as evident with the teaser trailer that was posted on the Nintendo YouTube channel.

As you can see you'll be able to transform the vehicle while you race around in a large, open-world sandbox. You can seamlessly switch from a ground-based vehicle to an airplane and more all within the virtual world and with the press of a few buttons. Don't expect any hardcore racing simulation like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport, though.

The Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit is scheduled to release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch starting September 14th.