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Marvel's Spider-Man

Length per dollars. It's an age old metric that has etched itself into the very fabric of nearly every video game discussion. The question is always indisputably posed for every major game, no matter what the genre or the price: how long will it take to beat this game? If the length is short, gamers weigh if it's worth the price of entry for a day-one purchase. If, however, it's a lengthy beast, then gamers will know that they're getting some major bang for the buck. With just weeks to go before the release of Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man, this question was posed to the developers, and instead of beating around the bush or skirting past the issue, Insomniac gave a firm answer in the public space, letting gamers know exactly how long it will take to beat the upcoming open-world super hero game.

According to the community director at Insomniac Games, James Stevenson, he revealed through a post on Twitter that the average play-tester took around 20 hours to beat Marvel's Spider-Man on the PS4 using the default difficulty. It takes longer yet if players plan on completing all of the side-quest activities and other open-world events scattered throughout the sandbox environment.

20 hours for the main campaign mode is pretty lengthy. In fact, it's a healthy size given that most AAA games clock in at around eight to ten hours, and nearly half of that time is oftentimes dedicated to cinematics, dialogue sequences, or interludes. In this case, we do know that Marvel's Spider-Man has plenty of cinematic sequences fitted in throughout the gameplay experience, but we also know that the game has a vast and richly populated open-world as well.

A lot of the length will likely be determined by how the missions play out. Some games are known for stretching out the campaigns by having a lot of fetch-quest style missions, where you're spending a large portion of your time traversing through the world from one destination to the next. This was one of the complaints about Mafia II, which did have a fair share of point-A to point-B style missions. I imagine those kind of missions may not be all that bad in Marvel's Spider-Man since you'll be able to web-sling your way throughout the city, setting your own pace for traversal.

Given Insomniac's illustrious history with AAA games -- producing classics such as Resistance and Ratchet & Clank -- the team likely has an idea or two on how to fill out the gameplay so that it feels engaging and fulfilling and not padded out.

Some titles have a tendency of trying to make the $60 look enticing to gamers as a day-one purchase by proclaiming to have 40 hours worth of content, even though large portions of the game are just repetitive or redundantly designed to stretch out the play-time. Hopefully with Marvel's Spider-Man we'll get a wide variety of content to engage in that doesn't get tiresome or too repetitive.

So far, a lot of the gameplay footage has showcased a wide-range of different locations for players to visit, as well as a bevy of villains to face off against. Insomniac even confirmed that Mary Jane will be playable in some segments, so it sounds like the gameplay is very much rounded out. You'll be able to see just how full it is when the game launches on September 7th exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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