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A romantic motorcycle ride in Days Gone.

Bend Studio's ambitious open-world zombie apocalypse game, Days Gone, has been delayed yet again, but not for the usual reason of buying some time to slap on an extra coat of polish. Instead, the studio wanted to give the game a bit of breathing room, so they've moved it away from the extremely crowded launch window of early 2019.

Asad Quizilbash, VP of Marketing for Sony Interactive Entertainment America, dropped by the PlayStation Blog heading into the weekend to give a quick update on some launch dates for upcoming PlayStation 4 games. These are the types of announcements usually saved for the December PlayStation Experience but, since Sony has decided to can the event this year, it looks like blog posts will be serving as a substitute. And before you ask, games like Dreams, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part II were not included in the update. Quizilbash explains this is because they are not yet ready to talk about launch windows for those games at this time, which only strengthens my suspicion that all of those will be very late in 2019 at the absolute earliest.

One of the big titles discussed in the update, though, was Days Gone, which is now set to arrive on April 26. Revealed a couple of years ago, it was expected that Days Gone would launch this fall, only to be revealed during E3 2018 that it was getting a February 2019 launch window. The thing is, Bend Studio wasn't the only team eyeing that window for a launch date. With Red Dead Redemption 2 arriving next week, a whole bunch of games expected to launch right about now were conveniently shifted into early 2019. But hey, we don't blame them. And we don't blame Bend Studio for moving Days Gone yet again for similar reasons.

Kingdom Hearts III arrives at the tail-end of January, followed by Crackdown 3, Metro: Exodus and Anthem in February. Then, in early March, we get The Division 2. Nobody wants to have their game lost in the crowd so, again, it makes perfect sense Bend would want to move Days Gone a little further down the road. The April 26 launch date is currently wide open and, as an added bonus, it'll give the team even more time to get the game ready to ship.

That same PS Blog post includes updates on a handful of other titles, including the FromSoftware PSVR title, Deracine, on Nov. 6 and both Concrete Genie and Everybody's Golf VR for some time next spring. Including those games mentioned earlier in this story, it looks like the PlayStation 4 is looking to finish strong while Sony gets the ball rolling on development of their next console.

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