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Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Confirms Leaks, Asks Fans Not To Share

Kingdom Hearts 3
(Image credit: Square Enix/Disney)

We're still a month out from the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The anticipation for the game is building in palpable ways across social media and gaming communities across the internet. However, some leaks have been coming out ahead of release, and the director of the game is asking fans not to spread those leaks.

IGN is reporting that director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that some of the leaks that have come out of the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 are real. So if you see someone on Twitter going "Psst, hey... hey you! You wanna see some leaks for Kingdom Hearts 3?" chances are that person is real and not lying and they actually managed to score some super secretive hints and leaks about the upcoming game from Square Enix and Disney.

The article notes that Square Enix is currently investigating the situation regarding the leaks, and Nomura has released a statement on the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, informing the community about the legitimacy of the leaks, as well as confirming that a small portion of the game has been circulating online. Nomura notes that there are videos spreading around on the internet, and asks the community to keep them from spreading further so that the game isn't completely ruined.

As a safety measure, the team has not released the full epilogue and ending movie. Those will come at a later date in order to prevent everything from being spoiled, which would be a real shame. Nomura stresses in the note that he wants gamers to experience the full version of Kingdom Hearts 3 when it releases at the end of January in 2019, and he would be very grateful if the community warned others away from seeing the spoilers if they encounter them online.

Here's Tetsuya Nomura's full statement:

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This all started originally when videos and images from later parts of the game began to surface online and spread across certain sections of the internet. IGN also reported that certain people were allegedly selling the pre-release copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 through he Facebook marketplace, but apparently Square Enix had those listings taken down.

This comes shortly after the opening cinematic was released online as an official video from Square Enix, giving gamers a look at some of the worlds that gamers can visit and some of the characters that they will encounter.

Both Disney and Square Enix have been rather ebullient about promoting the game, offering a look at some of the new worlds players will encounter in the series, such as the one from Frozen or the futuristic city from Big Hero 6 or the toy store from Toy Story. The team has also been putting a lot of effort into keeping the story elements secret so nothing is spoiled regarding the characters or the overall plot. But now there will be a fight within the community as trolls will attempt to spoil things and righteous gamers will be on the lookout attempting to suppress the trolls.

Thankfully, you'll only have to be vigilant about leaks for a few more weeks, because Kingdom Hearts 3 launches on January 29th, 2019 worldwide for the Xbox One and PS4.

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