The Madden series is often accused of not changing from year to year. However, most long-time players know changes are happening but they're generally more subtle than you'd expect.

Madden 16 is no exception. It makes a number of key revisions but you wouldn't notice unless you're a regular player. Here are some of the bigger changes:

Ndamukong Suh
Reworked Penalties
Penalties have long been a part of Madden but EA wants to make them more realistic niow. In Madden 16, all players will have a new Penalty trait that determines how likely they are to commit penalties. For example, a player with a reputation for being overaggressive like Ndamukong Suh will end up costing their team more yards than the average defensive tackle. Your strategy will also affect your chance at penalties. Cornerbacks told to bump receivers and offensive linemen in goal line format will get more holding calls. If you're tired of penalties ruining your game, you can turn them down - or disable them altogether - with a series of sliders.

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