Fallout 4 will allow PC gamers to create their own mods and then share them across all platforms. These fan creations could add hours and hours of new experiences to the RPG.

While I'm sure modders will end up truly surprising us with their creativity, there are certain ideas I really hope they pursue. Here are five mods that could seriously enhance Fallout 4:

Hardcore Mode
Hardcore Mode
In Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian Entertainment included a Hardcore Mode that seriously ramped up the game's difficulty. It required players to eat and drink to survive. Healing items restored hit points over time rather than instantly. Ammunition weighed players down so they couldn't stockpile an impossible amount. Companions could be permanently killed rather than knocked unconscious. It made New Vegas feel like a completely different game. Bethesda hasn't said whether they'll be bringing back Hardcore Mode for Fallout 4. If they don't, though, I really hope some modder does.

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