E3 2014, like the conventions of past years, will be overflowing with game announcements and demos of existing games. Not every big title is going to make it to the show, though.

Some games, like Final Fantasy 15, are already confirmed no-shows for E3. Publishers don't always give advance warning like this, though. In many cases, we won't know whether a game's going to make an appearance until the convention actually begins.

Here are a few games that might skip the convention and leave crowds of disappointed fans in their wake.

The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian was first revealed by a leaked trailer weeks before E3. The trailer showed the basic premise of Team ICO's next project: the player is a young boy avoiding danger with the help of his massive, bird-like companion. It falls to the player to guide and care for this beast so it can in turn help the boy get past various obstacles.

That trailer was released five years ago. The past half-decade has nothing but bad news. The game's seen repeated delays, the departure of its director and - perhaps most unnerving of all - long periods of silence from Sony.

The Last Guardian is in a similar situation as Beyond Good and Evil 2: alive but completely invisible. We're reassured every year or so that the game exists but never shown anything from said game. Sony said last summer that The Last Guardian was alive but "on hiatus."

Maybe The Last Guardian will make a surprise appearance at Sony's E3 2014 press conference. I wouldn't count on it, though. Sony's seeming indifference to their own game hasn't filled me with a lot of hope. If the past few years have been any indication, we'll get another vague update on the game during an interview and nothing else.

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