Halo: The Master Chief Collection is due for release on the Xbox One on November 11th. Some people might be wondering what the big deal is and why they would be excited to play some decade-old (and older) games on their brand spanking new Xbox One?

Well, I'm here to tell you that there's plenty of reasons to want to dive back into the Halo titles and it's not just because of the new-gen graphics and frame-rates... well, technically it does have to do with the new-gen graphics and frame-rates; but that's only part of it. The prettiness of the game also follows behind some of the series' well-respected design mechanics and replayability. So here are the five main reasons why Halo's older titles that are stuffed in Halo: The Master Chief Collection are worth replaying on today's new generation Xbox console.

Halo: Combat Evolved's 30 Seconds Of Fun
I made the mistake of trading in Halo: Combat Evolved while keeping Halo 2. It was a pretty big mistake because of the simple fact that the original Halo has one of the very best FPS single-player campaigns ever created. It's not that it has a great story (because it really doesn't) or that the characterizations are impeccably amazing (because they really aren't) or that the game is really long (because it's not), it's that the campaign is fun.

Bungie originally described the first Halo's campaign as being able to hook people with 30-second bursts of repeatable fun. It actually worked. There were some annoyingly hard levels like The Library or Guilty Spark, but the game was oh-so-replayable because of the somewhat open level designs and the ability to kind of goof-off and explore the non-corridor levels. It was brilliant back then and it's still brilliant today.

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