Throughout the past nine years of World of Warcraft, there have been a lot of would-be WoW killers. These hyped MMOs, sporting well-known licenses and grand budgets, tried to topple Blizzard's powerhouse and failed.

WildStar is an unlikely challenger. It's an MMO from a new developer based on a brand-new IP. However, the team at Carbine Studios has crafted a fun, innovative game that could attract many former WoW players. It improves upon the older game's formula with many welcome changes.

I don't think any game will "kill" WoW. It's too entrenched for another game to completely oust it. If WoW's subscriber base takes another steep drop in the next quarter, though, WildStar's probably the main reason why.

World of Warcraft's PvP and raid bosses can require a lot of movement. However, in most situations, you're stationary. The key to success is nailing your rotation of spells or abilities.

In WildStar, though, you have to stay on the move. Many of enemy's abilities can be dodged. If you don't move out of the way, you'll get wrecked. There's no standing around.

Dodging around around isn't enough to win a fight, though. You're going to have to return fire. You can use many abilities while you're on the move, but you have to aim them too. Simply clicking your enemy and casting a spell doesn't work.

The result is that even battles against unnamed quest mobs are engaging. You're constantly dancing out of the way of enemy attacks while positioning yourself to counterattack. WoW just feels so slow by comparison.

Carbine Studios makes it really easy to adjust to this type of combat through telegraphs. The area-of-effect for an enemy ability is displayed in red on the battlefield, while your own abilities are displayed in blue. This allows you to react to enemy attacks or adjust the aim of your own abilities.

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