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Carbine Studios has issued a new trailer for their sci-fi MMO WildStar. This "Dev Speak" video talks about the long list of features associated with the game's player housing feature.

Early on in the game, players will be able to buy their own plot of land. After clearing the land of enemies, they can build a campsite. In time they'll replace it with their own custom home. They can decorate the interior and exterior, altering the wallpaper, doors, ceilings and more.

The player house can be instantly teleported to at anytime and from anywhere. It's the preferred place to log off, because it gives the highest experience bonus. This bonus improves as the player adds more and more items to their home.

The housing isn't a break from the normal gameplay. Instead, it's an extension of it. When they're questing throughout the game world, they'll find items for their home. Furthermore, players can build facilities on their plot of land to make the game more convenient. For example, they can build a mine so they can harvest ore or create a target dummy so they can practice their attack rotation. Players can even make a portal to a raid zone.

Player houses will also have social functions. They can be opened up to friends or the general public. This allows other people to use the facilities you've built. If someone's on vacation, their buddy can harvest the property's garden and get a portion of the reward. They could also fight off the bandits that have invaded the property in exchange for bounty.

WildStar will launch later this year on the PC. You can sign up for the beta at the game's website.

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