Overwatch has created quite an overwhelming hype before its release on Monday, so much that its main competitor, Battleborn, seems to have sunken into oblivion. They had everything from beautifully-animated shorts to gigantic action figures placed all around the world. And while everyone’s been lost in online multiplayer matches in Overwatch, we thought we’d share some tips we’ve picked up from our own playing time.

1. Switch Characters
I’ve experienced this a number of times while playing both Overwatch and Team Fortress 2. And if you don’t already know, they’re similar games. After I’ve played a character for a long time, I’ll start to lose my edge, like I get tired of using the same moves or my skills start to dull after going at it for so long. So the best thing to do in this situation is change characters and try someone else you’re good with. This is especially nice in Overwatch because this game has way more heroes than Team Fortress 2 ever did, so you’ve got a range of options to choose from. The hero I use most is Pharah, so after I feel like I’m starting to get wonky with my rocket launcher, I might move on to a medic position to cool down, or a tank to feel a little power. It helps refresh my play style and it could work for you too. 

2. Take Out The A-Holes
Every single game match has one. It’s those really irritating players that know just how to spam a character’s abilities and they take you out in a matter of seconds. And I really hate the players who think it’s hilarious to spawncamp so you never get the chance to even leave your base. I’ve even been killed in my base. The kinds of people you want to zero in on first. It could start a fun little rivalry, but killing them will feel that much better.
3. Rockets Don’t Need Direct Hits
Because I used characters like Pharah almost all the time, I found out some tricks in killing enemies. Pharah uses a rocket launcher and when you play with a character who uses a rocket launcher, it’s not going to be like an assault rifle or a machine gun where you aim for a direct hit. You have to aim in the direction you think the player will be running to, even if it’s an inch to the left or right. That’s the best way you’ll hit someone with a rocket launcher and it’s made me quite an expert.

4. Don’t Be The First One Out The Doors
When you’re on the team that has to wait behind the gates before the battle begins, you don’t want to be the one flying out as soon as those doors open—unless you’re a tank. And if you’re a tank, make sure you’ve got a medic nearby who can quickly heal you if your health gets too low. But if you’re not a tank, hang back a few minutes and let the spawncampers dispurse before running out to start your battle. You’ll save yourself a death that way. 
5. Don’t Be Afraid To Be A Medic
Everyone knows it; no one likes to be a medic. It’s probably the least liked and most boring position on the team. Heroes like Mercy in Overwatch literally just go around and heal teammates and if you aren’t healing and stupidly attempting to fight, you’re going to get yelled at by your team. But a medic is probably also one of the most important positions on the team because without a medic, there’s no one to heal and bring your teammates back from the dead. So while you won’t get much of the battle action, your team will probably be very thankful you were there to save their ass. And it’s a nice break if you’re on a death streak as another class and need to kick the frustration. 
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