5 Video Games That Really Need A Brand New Reboot

With the return of DOOM releasing soon, it’s only fair that we take a look at other games who severely need a serious reboot for another chance at video game glory. So many games from our childhood deserve the next-gen treatment with heightened graphics, improved gameplay and and overall more engaging experience. These five games need a another chance to rock the video game industry and re-enter their age of glory.

Silent Hill 2

Of course this game was going to be on this list. With the recent upset of the cancellation of Silent Hills, I still strongly believe that the Silent Hill franchise isn’t lost forever. The original Silent Hill 2 was when the series really struck gold with both story and design and this game would be absolutely stunning in next-gen graphics. I would never say no to a new game from the series, but I’d prefer to see this game rebooted and redone for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve was another horror favorite of mine that explored a very distinct story. It was also, of course, trapped in the ancient PlayStation One graphics, so this game remade for current consoles would give a whole new meaning to the game. There wasn’t much done with the series after the game The 3rd Birthday if you can even count that as part of the series. So I think it’s time to bring this title back and with better graphics than ever. I think the addition of cleaned-up graphics and a better flow for gameplay would make for a far more terrifying experience.

Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame recently had a sequel release on the Wii U called, Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water, but it wasn’t what the games used to be. Of course, later sequels usually never are, but I would love to see a complete reboot of the series, but just made in today’s technology. While I enjoyed the use of the Wii U gamepad in the latest Fatal Frame game, I still want to see the game totally redone and released onto the Xbox One and PS4. The concept of the Fatal Frame games are so horrifying, I just think there’s a lot of opportunity for a reboot.

Soul Reaver

You’ll often hear me talking about early Soul Reaver games in some of my articles, but this was a series that I played a lot with my Dad. So there’s a lot of nostalgia behind the title. While there have been newer Soul Reaver games, they haven’t quite been like anything in Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver. Back then, I had thought Raziel was one of the coolest characters in video games, with his demonic look and scarf over his vampiric jaw. I think this game in particular deserves a reboot.

Ape Escape

I bet you weren’t expecting this game to be on the list. Ape Escape was a maddening 3D platformer on the PlayStation One and I can’t tell you how hard I tried to catch those damn monkeys. But that’s kind of what made the game fun. I’d love to see it brought back, totally redone hopefully in something like Unreal Engine, and released onto today’s current consoles. Especially now since it seems 3D platformers are sort of making a comeback, it’d be the perfect time to reboot the game.

Is there a game you’d love to see rebooted? Let us know in the comments below.