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Only a day into Gamescom 2015 and we’ve already been bombarded by all sorts of new announcements, trailers and the like. Along with all of the expected updates and tidbits of information, though, Microsoft managed to surprise the audience with a handful of unexpected game announcements for Xbox One.

Microsoft managed to cram a bunch of info into its Gamescom presentation this morning, including expected highlights like Scalebound, Crackdown and plenty of news about the Halo universe and its upcoming games. What we didn’t see coming, though, were a collection of five indie games that will be playable on the Xbox One in the coming months. Buckle up for a trailer overload.

Heading to Xbox One in October, Cobalt looks like what you would get if a lighthearted 2D shooter got together with the slow-motion shootouts from the Matrix and had a baby. Players will run, jump and shoot their way through dozens of levels, complete with the ability to slow down the action and make your shots really count. As a cyborg sent to an alien colony to investigate the disappearance of human settlers, you’ll be able to tackle the story solo, with a friend, or even go to war in online multiplayer modes.
Due out later this summer, Sheltered is an interesting take on resource management crossed with a survival game. The comparisons to the recently launched free-to-play game, Fallout Shelter are obvious, but while Sheltered boasts more basic graphics than that mobile game, it looks like it bolts on far more gameplay mechanics and responsibilities to juggle. There's also that much darker, more adult tone. Whether you’re keeping your underground shelter moving like clockwork or defending your family from invaders, the goal is to keep your family alive in this dangerous post-apocalyptic world for as long as possible.
We Happy Few
Coming from the folks at Compulsion, We Happy Few is set in an alternate 1960’s England where folks who stand out don’t last very long. Set in a dark world full of disturbing imagery, you’ll be tasked with completing your objectives while not drawing attention to your actions. If you like your puzzling action games with a heaping helping of creepy, this might be worth checking out. Unfortunately, we’ve got no release date on We Happy Few just yet.
Thimbleweed Park
Thimbleweed Park comes from the folks responsible for Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, so that alone should be cause for excitement. This new point and click adventure looks to draw more than a little inspiration from Twin Peaks and The X-Files, set in a sleepy town where everyone seems to have something to hide. A dead body draws in an investigation team, and you’ll take on the role of five individuals trying to get to the bottom of this, as well as several other mysteries. Again, we don’t yet have a release date on this one.
Cities: Skylines
The popular PC city builder is finally making its way to consoles as Cities: Skylines arrives on the Xbox One sometime later this year. Folks who were disappointed with the latest Sim City game have flocked to Cities on its original platform, offering up a refined take on resource management, developmental planning and all those other gameplay hooks that seem to keep people glued to their monitors for hours on end. The game has become especially popular due to its fantastic mod support and, given what’s going on with Fallout 4 on consoles, here’s hoping that players will be able to experience these game-altering tools within Cities: Skylines, too.

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